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FIREFLY: Muffin!

Here, Slacker Slacker Slacker

We've got seven people signed up for the Slacker's Remix, but we could always use more! We have some differing fandoms, too, so take a look if you want to play.

And remember, this is the SLACKER'S remix - no word counts, no due dates, no minimum numbers of fics written - just sign up and tell somebody who is signed up that you want to remix one of their stories, and go for it.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Slacker's Remix, Part Deux

Anybody up for another round of the Slacker's Remix?

If you're interested, drop your info in a comment: name, fandoms, stories off limits for remix, and where we can find your stories.

Peruse the list of other people, and drop them a line if you're wanting to remix something of theirs.

Post a link to your remix when you're done, and I'll do a round up post at some point.

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