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E2: A True Smile

Girlcrush: Hirosue Ryoko

Girlcrush: Hirosue Ryoko

Who is she: Japanese actress, also a singer, but I havent heard any of her music.

Why I love her: I fell for her understated acting in the 1990's jdrama, Summer Snow, where she played a woman with a serious heart condition who decides to learn to scuba dive. I didn't see her again until Yakuso to Kenji, where she hilariously plays a former gang leader. She's been in a lot of things, including the Luc Besson film Wasabi, which I havent seen.

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MEI-CHAN: Interruption

Fiver: Drama Heroines

biasesasked, forever ago, about my Top Five Drama Heroes. Which I fully plan to do. At some point. But for now? My Top Five Drama Heroines.

Also, Im betting there are some surprises on here for most people. Like, I really really love Mei-chan, but Mei isn't on my list. For various reasons. I got a little wordy describing why I love these ladies, so..sorry? Also, to no one's surprise, I really really like ladies with strength and smarts.

1. Makino - Hana Yori Dango
Girl is BAD.ASS. She's got crazy guts. She punches Domyouji in the face and remains entirely highly wildly skeptical of continued professed love for her. Actually, she thinks he's insane. She stands up to Darth Mama, who is scary enough to make anybody pee their pants - but she isn't stupid. She walks out of there going OH CRAP WHAT DID I JUST DO? She doesn't back down, she doesn't give up, she loves her family, and will do anything to keep them safe and fed. And all this while being courted in weird ways by a man who should probably be considered a psychopath.

2. Momo - ToGetHer/Superstar Express
Momo, for all that she is a shut in and hates being in the public eye, is no shrinking violet. She's fierce in her own way, standing up for what she thinks, and does NOT let Mars walk all over her. Add to that, she has a very big heart, and is always willing to help the people she is close to. She's independent in a quiet way, and, while she doesn't give any bullies well deserved beat downs, she doesn't let them break her, either.

3. Ji-Eun - Full House
jdKLASJAKJDSAKLS THIS STUPID SHOW. And yet, I love this girl, as much as I want to punch myself in the face for saying it. Yes, she's immature and her squabbles with Young-Jae are nothing short of pulling each other's pigtails and kicking each other in the shins, but she is hilarious, tough, and frequently wears completely inappropriate heels. SHE LAUNCHES HERSELF OFF THE GROUND TO HEADBUTT YOUNG-JAE IN THE FACE. She drops Young-Jae's grandmother while trying to help her, and the cherry on the top is the fact that she is a FANFIC WRITER.

4. Mako/Sailor Jupiter - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
I know Usagi is the headliner here, and I love her very much, too. But there is something about Mako that I find so completely compelling. She's cheerful, tomboyish, and takes care of herself. She's a 14 year old who lives on her own, cooks for fun, and is so thrilled to have close friends, even though she is hesitant to get close to anyone. Plus, I find her really really hot. She has this little freckle right above her lip, and my occasional gay breaks through, and I SERIOUSLY want to make out with her and kiss that freckle.

5. Yuki - Summer Snow
Summer Snow is a more realistic, quieter show than I usually go for. There is nothing even resembling crack about it. And yet, one of my favorite ladies. She's another quiet one, having struggled with a severe heart condition for her entire life. It very much restricts the activities she is able to do, and yet, she decides to do something crazy and takes a class in scuba diving. She wants a job, love..life. She loves her father, volunteers with sick children at the hospital, and is willing to risk her health in order to actually live. Also, the quality is kinda crappy on these caps, plus, they are tiny, so you get two

Girlcrush: Ella Chen

There have been several picspams of pretty pretty people on various ljs lately.

wildwesternwind's little asian addictions
itsplashes' top 20

now, these are all beautiful, beautiful things full of hot, occasionally shirtless men. but you know what? i feel like the ladies need a little loving.

This isnt a countdown. Dont expect these to come at any regular interval. Dont expect them all to be asian - although, right now? Asia RULES, so suck it. Anyway, hot chicks are awesome.

Girlcrush: Ella Chen

Who is she: One third of Taiwan girlband S.H.E., actress in the tw version of Hana Kimi, hot ass chick with attitude and an affinity for crossdressing.

Why I love her: She is gorgeous and hilarious, and it took about three Behind the Scenes of Hana Kimi for me to totally fall in love with her. She shows off her undies. She tells the world that her mom gropes her boobs and thinks they are pitiful. She pats Wu Zun on the ass. She pats Wu Zun on the dick. She pretends to dance around a stripper pole. She says that she wears nothing but an apron around the house. She makes out with her hot bandmates. She seems like someone who would be totally awesome to hang around, because you know she'd be the one in the corner telling dirty jokes and betting on who would get drunk and naked first. And then she'd take a shot of tequila and take her top off.

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