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A Leaf on the Wind

Hi! This is a Serenity post! Those of you who are starting to twitch at the mention of the movie/fandom, turn away now.

The rest of you, spoilers are under the cut.

To start with, i was randomly giddy all Friday. Brandus was calling every hour with a countdown. I was humming Jayne's song. I tried to convert my boss.

we met sirkpega in Denver. and, after the movie, couldnt get up. it was THAT POWERFUL. then, we sent Brandus home, and krispy and i turned right around and went back in.

Yep, twice in a row. and im seeing it again this week. booyah.


ive tried three times to write a logical review of this movie. ive gotten three paragraphs in and then deleted it, because it sounded stupid and had absolutely no feelings in it. so here is the emotional version.

OMGWTFWASH! yes! this IS how every other review has started out, but i DONT CARE. i knew someone was going to die, and i walked in with a dread that it was going to be Wash. Because Joss doesnt like people being happy and in relationships. he has a history, starting with sex and angel and buffy and fred dying and all kinds of things!

so i was dreading, but I trust Joss, mostly, so i figured i would relax, stay unspoiled, and enjoy the hell out of whatever happened.

and then Book dies.

and i think, hey! we are in the clear! i mean, im kinda sad about Book (although Brandus got all choked up), but he has never been my favorite, and i knew SOMEBODY had to die.

AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN Wash is a leaf on the wind, and im already on the edge of my seat in the whole "getting through the reavers" issue, and im holding my breath and Serenity is getting ripped to pieces and im terrified and then they are DOWN and then..and its so suddent and unexpected and Zoe is begging him to get up and move and im gasping and crying and I really cant tell you what happens the next five minutes, because the only thing i can babble is: "He did it, he tricked me! Joss you bastard, you tricked me and i let you! omg WASH. joss you bastard!" etc etc.

i was upset, and teary. but i didnt CRY until Simon was shot. and just hit me. this might be the end. we could lose everyone. Kaylee was down with some sort of toxin, Zoe was suicidal and back wounded, Jayne was shot a couple of times, Simon was shot in the stomach..and then River. Oh River, you take care of your big brother. And i could FEEL Simon's fear when the doors closed, even if we couldnt see him. and i wasnt sure River was going to make it at that point. yes, she is freaky as all out hell, but i figured she would be so far gone mentally, or, would have been massively injured.

those were the big massive emotional points for me, and what left me sitting in the theater, staring at the credits, feeling numb and not able or wanting to get up and move.

and what sent me back in the theater again. to get my head around it. to figure out how you go on after that. to figure out how Serenity is going to fly again.

to get my self back under control.

in the nonmeeping things, this blew me away. the changes and the similarities in characters i already love more than i can explain were amazing.

Mal was darker, harsher, more bitter. But with Inara leaving and Book leaving, and things being VERY lean, from the sounds of things, it didnt surprise me. it fit and made perfect sense. now, while i love Mal in a general sort of way, i often have trouble with him. i struggle with LIKING him. but here, although he was often mean and bitter, i ached for him. especially when he is talking to inara about how she fogs things up. and when he tells them to turn Serenity into a Reaver ship. it was..heartbreaking.

Zoe, as always, was Zoe. I didnt think she had enough to do. it also felt like they threw in as many "honey" and "baby" and "husband" lines, just to let you know that Zoe and Wash were together. i think, here, without the Firefly context, i dont think you get the depth of their relationship. and that did make me slightly sad, and wonder if those who werent Browncoats already, were struck as hard as i was when Wash was killed. but her losing it at the end. "Are you HERE, Zoe?" and Jayne having to pull the soldier card to get her to step back into line before she got herself killed, was horrifying. the "do you really think any of us are going to get out of this?" was heartbreaking. her tone. i think, if anyone else had died. if Jayne or Kaylee even, had been killed, Zoe wouldve stayed calm and common. but Mal or Wash would cut under her calm. she looked so lovely at the funeral, and i like the idea that she was wearing her wedding dress.

Kaylee was underused as well. instead of being the mechanic first and in love with Simon second, it was the other way around. also, on a very shallow note, i found her skinnyness to be distracting. kaylee is supposed to be CURVY, and here she looked..odd. and yes, changes. i can fanwank that she has been moping about Inara leaving, and that they have been on half rations and stuff, but still...HOWEVER, Kaylee (and Jayne, but ill get to him) has some of THE BEST LINES in the entire movie.

"they fall right out of the sky!" the hand motion really makes this line.

"For over a year now, aint had nothing twixt my nethers dont run on batteries" BWAHAHAHA! beautiful line! as is Mal's reaction.

as well as the "you mean to say...SEX?" "To hell with this! Im gonna live!" left me laughing through my tears. oh Kaylee, you are so uncomplicated, and i love you for it.

Simon! let us discuss Simon! he is darker, his hair is longer, he is less buttoned up and prissy. which i kinda like, and i kinda miss. he was a heck of a lot stronger, but had more trouble controlling himself. i struggle with that some, as the biggest part of Simon to me is his always being in control. i didnt get alot of the incesty vibes between he and river that are in the show, but i still love their relationship. he is her strength, and i think she depends on him alot. and so, at the end, when he has fallen, she just..doesnt know any other way to tell him thank you.

in some ways, he is still the man who cannot talk to pretty girls, and who keeps very much to himself. i like that we do get to see something coming of that relationship (although Joss will destroy it soon), and the end scene of kissing and sex and River watching is both hot and hysterical.

and Simon has ONE HELL OF A BODY OMG. /shallow

Dammit, i have so much i want to say, but its hard to get my brain around everything, even after the back to back viewings.

ok, to my favorites, my beloveds.

Jayne. JAYNE. he is still loud, brash, hotheaded and tempermental. he still doesnt call River by name, and dislikes everyone and is completely untrustworthy.

its the little things that make Jayne so much beloved to me.

when they are passing as Reavers, all of them are standing on deck in the cockpit. River is shivering and crying, Kaylee is terrified, Jayne is clutching Vera. He is holding onto that gun like i would a teddy bear, and he is ok with that.

He challanges Mal, on all accounts, but he actually isnt doing it to be evil, he doesnt want to die! and in so many ways, he is still that GOOD GUY. yes, he is belligerent and crude and backstabbing, but he comes through in the end. he is trustworthy beyond a point.

and omg, his lines.

"my muscular buttocks!"
"my big swinging cod!" And yes, it IS cod, not cock. the book tells me so, as does the fact i watched it twice and STILL HEARD cod. im assuming the meaning is the same...

although, the best line in the whole movie, and which i need on a tshirt, "she is beginning to seriously disturb. my. CALM."


Just so you know. her inclusion in the job at the beginning didnt seem out of line to me, if Mal was as bad off as i think he was, although i really wasnt sure what she was supposed to be doing. and yes, my little shipper heart went WHEEEEEE when she fell over and Jayne came running over to check on her. *happy sigh*.

she stays crazy through the movie, and i LOVE the fact that the deaths and the secrets that she is carrying are part of what makes her so unstable! guilt is a powerful force, ladies and gentlemen, and i cant help but wonder what some of the parliment members actually thought about and carried around in their heads. what big secrets that can destroy the verse? and all packed into one little girl's head.

things make so much sense the second time through too..when River says (of the Reaver who ends up in the cargo bay), "he didnt lie down. they never lie down," as well as the impression of her putting a gun to her head (the hologram and the Reaver).

the Maidenhead bar fight kicks so much ass. she is so gorgous in motion, and you can tell her dance training comes through very much. but the very best part (shipper warning!) is Jayne coming to get her...and then...SHE GRABS HIS NUTS. the look on his face is the best thing EVER. im using the icon i made from that scene, and even though i count it as shippy, the fact he is in PAIN makes it that much funnier to me! she lays him out COLD. but, "Gorram it, girl! Its ME," is a lovely lovely thing...*happy sigh*

ok. its...late, and i still havent said everything i want to say just yet.

but im going to bed.

Go. See Serenity. Watch Firefly. Support the Independents.

Cant stop the signal.
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