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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


yes folks, thats right, it is the night for SERENITY.

half of my friends list just went "OMGSQUEE!" and the other half went "SHUTUPALREADY" but im not of the caring, because i have tickets to SERENITY! for tonight! with the brandus! and sirkpega!

and really, over half of my fandom life can be blamed on sirkpega. no really.

(of course, she can lay that blame right back on me, but thats not the point).

i had no interest in Firefly. i didnt. i said, "cowboys? western? meh." and went on my merry way. i knew it was Joss. i have no excuses.

and then, i go see krispy for the weekend, as i do sometimes, and she begged and bribed and stuff into me watching the Pilot. that was the deal. the pilot. and in return, she would watch an ep of gilmore girls, which she hasnt gotten into.

so i watch the pilot.

i think, "thats kinda cool. good lines. funny. and that Jayne guy is fun."

THE NEXT THING I KNOW, i own Firefly! im watching them obsessively at home! im reading fic! im shipping!

and now? IM COUNTING DOWN HOURS TO THE MOVIE. (for the record, 7 hours and 53 minutes. omghurryup.)


anyone else in the denver area? we will be at the Aurora Century 16 by 7ish to see the 7:45 movie. drop me a comment, or whatever if you wanna come to.




i knew it!

I read a couple of reviews in the paper this morning and I, too, though I have never seen more than about the first 15 minutes of the first Firefly that was broadcast (NOT the pilot, I now know), I am PSYCHED to see this. Joss! Dialogue! Funny! And explosions! And kickass but damaged people! Woot! I was just about to write you and ask how excited you were for tonight - tee hee. Have fun and enjoy - it'll probably be Sunday before we make it out to the theatre.


Re: i knew it!

im more excited about Serenity than i was about the rerelease of the original star wars in the theater! OMG.

i will burn Firefly for you and send it up, because after you see the BDM, you will need to have backstory! and information! and the Ballad of Jayne!


5 and a half hours left!
Too bad as fans we all have to live so far apart. BIG DAMNED MOVIE!! *dances off*
its not fair! i want to see this movie with other people (besides the krispy one, i mean) who fully get the amount of squee involved in this! quick! move to colorado!
7:45pm Pacific Standard Time I'll be watching.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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