Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Serenity Sci Fi Special Thing

Some kind soul uploaded this, and i adore them for it.

its about half an hour, let me know if you want it, and ill stick a link up.


Best line belongs to Adam Baldwin (which isnt difficult, as he is fabulous and i want him).

"This movie was a labor of love. And guns. And grenades. Lots of big loud explosions."

HA! Because it SO WAS.

let me know if you want it..ill probably upload it anyway, but i want to know who wants it.

Random question: In the whole course of Firefly, does Jayne ever call or refer to River by name? Im pretty sure he never calls her River, but does he refer to her?

Does the name River ever pass his lips?

Just curious. and shippy.

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