Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


The as we go conversation, as interuppted by dinner and phone calls..not the show, just the typing.

"Hang on Mike! Hang on!"

I heart Sawyer.

we are having some bizarre ep overlap..the hatch stuff is from last week..

ok, the shoes? Locke's shoes? the ones that just got kicked off are NOT the ones we saw last week...

SHARK! Shut Mike, Sawyer just saved your LIFE. did you forget that? also, JIN!

although we really cant imagine that he is dead just cause he aint there.

the same lawyer as was going to do the adoption for Turniphead? its the same room...

Daddy!Charlie making faces at Turniphead! BUT THE MARY! NOT THE MARY!

i also love that Claire isnt putting up with his antics. heee!

and nope, we got Jin!

And we've got some numbers stuff..what happened after Locke put then in the computer? (also, please someone make an icon with the numbers and execute. just cause) i was making dinner, and couldnt see.

I like the flashbacks here, they work, and they arent too schmoopy, the way they are sometimes. also, Michael was a good daddy..even if he gave Walt a POLAR BEAR. A POLAR BEAR, MICHAEL, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Others! Others! Evil Others!

and Ana Lucia is alive and down in a pit? so..these other people ARENT more survivors? im..confused. but its Lost, so im fine with it.

for the moment.

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