Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Rory Gilmore Sex Boat

So, Gilmorian thoughts on an episode that i cant remember the title
of...Long winded and slightly meta. sorry.

First off, i want to say how much i am LOVING the Luke/Lorelai vibe
going on this season. Luke is being more assertive and he isnt
immediately leaping to save Lorelai and to do absolutely everything
for her everytime she says jump.

this is such a fabulous fabulous thing. really.

and, as an added bonus, Lorelai doesnt seem like she wants him too.
there just seems to be a bit more respect there, for Luke in general.

so, their banter is very much working for me, including the very
random discussion last week of how to best kill TJ. plus, i want to
kill TJ too, so it works.

I have heard some people complaining that Lorelai is being stupid for
not talking to Rory. of course she is, THATS THE POINT. she is
freezing her out, just as Emily froze her out. its all about the
simularities in this show.

Rory is Lorelai is Emily. Lorelai is acting like Emiy, Rory is acting
like Lorelai did when she left. "No, Im right, she is wrong, I can do
it myself."

of course, the difference is, Rory isnt doing it herself.
Emily is doing it for her.

When Lorelai left, she had a small child, she located an inn, a job,
and a place to live.

Rory lives in her grandparent's pool house. she works for the DAR.

The difference? Lorelai worked for it. She lived in a shed and
worked as a maid. Im not saying she didnt have help, because she did,
she had lots of it. but it seems like Rory feels a little more
entitled to nice things. She refers to the pool house as "hers." its
like she expects to live there forever. i think that Lorelai knew she
couldnt live at the inn forever. she couldnt depend on the kindness
of strangers forever.

yes, we all know how self centered Lorelai is, but i think unless you
are a good friend, she doesnt expect everything to revolve around her.
i could be wrong, but whatever.

ok, sorry, got way off track.

what was the point again?

oh yeah, at some point, Emily is going to point out this fascinating
parallel to Lorelai, about Lorelai freezing Rory out, just like Emily
did, and Lorelai is going to have some sort of nervous breakdown, and
im going to enjoy it.

there, that was the point. sorry for the babble.

now, lets actually discuss last nights ep, shall we?

Again, loving the Luke/Lorelai interactions, although the Daniel Day
Lewis impressions were WEIRD. also, i find it hard to believe that
Lorelai wouldnt be getting impatient with the large hole in the side
of her house. She does work at an inn, after all, and has worked with
construction workers before..i dont know, it seemd a little out of

however, loved seeing Tom, even though i always think of loving him
like a two dollar whore, because Lorelai's lines are evil and stick in
your head like that. LOVED that Tom is sending TJ out on stupid
pointless errands just to get him to leave. HA.

The blank stares at Tom while he was talking about expanding the
kitchen were priceless, as well. huh? island? entertaining? cooking?

Rory being in charge of the trash pickers made me giggle, especially
with the girl she got into a fight with last week in real time, but
two months ago (?!) in Gilmore land.

im liking Logan. MAKE IT STOP. i dont WANT to like Logan. i also
thought it was VERY WEIRD that Logan would come over and have sex in
the pool house. i was really expecting Emily to come waltzing in and
find them nekkid and start shrieking.

actually, im kinda hoping that happens and they kick Rory out for it.
i just dont see Emily as allowing that kind of tomfoolery going on in
her property. mainly because i can see people getting wind of it and
then gossip and then Emily accusing Rory of ruining Emily's life.

ooh, i like that idea, actually..Emily loses her chair for the DAR
because her granddaughter stole a yacht and sleeps with boys in
Emily's house. HAHAHAH. please to let it happen!

Anyway, point? Im liking Logan, and it creeps me out. but i do think
he wants Rory back in school, which gives him points. i also wonder
if Rory realizes that if his parents disapproved before, they are
probably LIVID now. their beloved son is dating a drop out and a

I want the Smore's cake. and i do think that Lorelai and Luke will
get married, and i think Sookie needs to back off a little. then
again, it doesnt even seem like Sookie knows ANYTHING about the Rory
rift, so...maybe Lorelai just needs to talk to her friends.

Paris, as always, makes me happy. the fact that Lorelai just locked
herself into more bi-weekly lunches makes me cackle, cause really,
Lorelai deserves it. Rory has told her how nutty Paris is, but i dont
think Lorelai really believed it. although the people abandoning ship
out the kitchen when Paris arrives is FABULOUS.

I find Emily's hair to be very large and distracting...
I find Sookie's hair to be very flat and distracting...
I find Luke to be very hot, and the best boyfriend/fiancee EVER.

Did anyone else squee when Luke referred to Paul Anka as "my fiancee's
dog" and didnt even blink at the fiancee part? just me?

ok, my brain is no longer working, and this is the longest ep review
ive ever done for any show ever, so im going now. no, really, i am.

And the Firefly quote meme:

"Did he just go crazy and fall asleep?" - Wash

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