Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Random, Slightly Better Formed Lost Thoughts

So, spoilers and stuff under the cut, duh.

also, cavalaxis made this icon. it makes me giggle.

Ok, so, i have a random thing to point out. just one, really.

Please cast brain back to long long ago last season, when it was Sayid's episode and we found out about Nadia.

Nadia writes Sayid a note. this note says (and i know this, because im nutty like this. also, because i made a wallpaper with this on it), "You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one."

Now, what does this have to do with last night and hatches and evil dogs and stuff?

Well, Desmond, or, Crazy Hatch Man, or whatever his name is, is in flashback. he tends to Jack's ankle and whatever, but as he leaves, he tosses over his shoulder, "See you in another life."

i havent thought this through completely, but..does anyone else think this is kinda..odd?

now, everyone else is mocking the command prompt/angry face, numbers, quarentine sign, what the hell did walt say, etc, and this is what im fixated on? well..yeah.

cause the similarities are way too close for them to be ignored. especially from Lost.

So, i know we have all been through the "where the hell are they/are they dead?" conversation, and i dont want to start another set of whatever/wherever. mainly because, i dont care where they are, and whenever they want to tell me is fine by me.

which will then result in me shrieking at the tv, "OMGWHATWHEREWHAT?" and completely denying that i ever said i didnt care. so please be kind enough not to point it out when it occurs. thank you.

however, the fact that those two statements both mention the next life does make me question some things.

*wanders off pondering*

ETA: Coolest fucking Lost theory in the history of EVER. possibly/probably completely made up, but it makes me flail.

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