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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Down the Hatch


Teaser was hysterical and weird and the music was whacked. but somebody is down there and they look creepy. they also have internet. not that i blame them. i mean, if im going to be stuck down the cursed destiny hatch with nothing but weirdo music and a crazy man, i say, gimme my lj!

OMG JACK LET SHANNON'S DAD DIE. i heard Rutherford and went WHOA WHAT? and girl? is Jack's fiancee later, yes?

Shannon has already lost Vincent. i find this oddly funny. and also, Sayid still = hot. yes.

Locke, i really want to know whether you are good or evil. please make a decision.

EVIL VINCENT. Sitting and staring and about to ATTACK! he wants to eat your soul. and your face!

AHGSAGDJS WALT. anybody catch what he was saying?


meh, arguing.

where are Claire and Turniphead? i also wish to know about the raft, because the hatch is boring, and out there are sharks and stuff.


hatch and Kate falling and creepiness and omg omgomgomg. i let the creepy music and stuff get to me and i watched the Jack wandering around down in the hatch with my hands over my eyes because i KNEW that someone was going to jump out and i really hate scary movies!

i will admit to getting slightly verklempt at the "then why can i wiggle my toes?" line. shut up. although, id like to point out that Jack's flashback hair is the mockworthiest of all mockworthy hair EVER. with the exception of Trump, cause he always wins at bad hair.

and scary guy is dude from the stadium HOW?

*tears out hair*

im so gonna like this season.

i have to finish watching my S1 dvds, and then rewatch this, as i need to make sure i have all of the plot ends in my head as i see new people and stuff.


Oh, wow, the guy was Shannon's dad? I didn't catch that.
they identified him as they rolled him in, and he was Adam Rutherford, 57.
^^ for all your "what'd walt say?" needs

>:| i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeed that episode. hell yeah.
*looks intrigued* hmmm. im not sure...i have to rewatch. several times. and then download that link and listen to it 8 thousand times.
i downloaded it and played it backwards. frickin weird.
Grrr. Desmond should not be in the hatch. Arr, that drives me nuts. yes, I would rather see about the raft. And I miss Radishead--I mean, Turniphead.

Bubba Ho-Tep Icon!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
that is the best line from the movie. i went around for WEEKS randomly yelling "Dont make me use myself on you, baby!" whenever i could!

and have another one! this is my favorite icon i have from the movie though.
Oh man! I loooove that one. That was the best part of the movie (in my opinion).
Actually, I tried to make an animated one of that moment similar to the other one I did, but it just didn't come out right.
Our morning radio show recorded it and played it backwards - it was Walt saying something like, "Push the buttons. No button's bad." Though I have no clue what that means - unless it's related to the equipment in the hatch? And why was the quarantine sign on the *inside* of the hatch? Was it the island that was contaminated?

So very good and I just have more questions than ever...
Wait - Shannon's dad? I didn't catch that......will have to rewatch.
The wig was bad.
I enjoyed it all baby!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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