Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Bunnies In Progress

Well, not all of them are actually in progress, but all of them are
currently in my head. would toss these to bunnytoss, but i
cant post to that from my email, i dont think.

most are ficlet ideas, not full out fic fic, but who knows, bunnies
tend to morph.

- Boone collects (half done) - amazingly, NOT incesty
- The Pace Family - that young man takes such good care of his wife.
ive noticed since the beginning, when he helped her with that
- Sha-Boone (hello hello again) and obsession - Boone has some
jealousy issues. combine this with Sayid and Boone's relief at
certain things, and you get BOONE WAITING TO KILL YOU AAAAGGGHHH!!
- THAT fic - sorry, no other information available, as its insane and
twisted and will break people in half if done right. of course, have
also been planning this one for over five months and havent done it

- Oceans, Glaciers - this is the "Safe" 5 things. still working on
it, more interested now that ive spent the past three days reading fic
- R Tam sessions - Simon gets ahold of the session tapes. breakage
and angst aplenty!
- R Tam sessions take two - Simon gets ahold of the session tapes.
Sees some interesting things. Like River playing with dolls. One of
whom aint a girl. *snicker*

Gilmore Girls:
- complete porn so i can ship it off to beta. is THISCLOSE to being done.

GAH! must write!

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