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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Some Mondays are better than others.

This would not be one of them.

Most days, i dont mind my job. Im not head over heels, but i like it,
and generally, i can put up with the office nuttiness.

I KNOW that the data entry person leaves notes with every little thing
spelled out in it because thats how she thinks. its not that she
doesnt think i dont know how to do it. like when i got back from my
week in chicago to find a note explaining exactly how to enter this
specific info in the computer.

actually, that note made me laugh. i mean, ive been gone a WHOLE
WEEK. its possible ive forgotten how to do it!

i KNOW that its Monday, and some people are going to a be a little
short tempered, and usually im ok with it. because its Monday, and i
feel their pain.

however, to come in today, find a note taped to the computer telling
me exactly how to do something i do EVERY DAMN DAY, a pile of stuff in
box (complete with detailed note), and a note on the desk telling me
to go buy coffee (which is so not my job and i dont like running other
people's errands), AND THEN have someone who is convinced they are
more important than Harry Potter on the phone just. makes. me. cranky.

it was a weird weekend anyway. i went down to krispy's and we watched
lost (found two easter eggs already!) which was fun.

But then it was 9/11, which is a weird enough day now, but it was also
my grandmother's birthday and my grandmother died on new years, so i
worried about my grandad and my dad. PLUS then mom called and told me
that grandma (her mother) had just gone back into the hospital for the
second time in less than two weeks, brandus is starting his actual
student teaching and is FREAKED OUT about it, which makes him grumpy.

jeez. can i just go home? i want to read Firefly fic and watch Lost
and Joan of Arcadia and stare at the computer screen for a while.

Man, I hate Mondays.


*hugs you tightly and hates Mondays with you*
*leans on you*

please to make it go away!
*holds on*

*tries my best to fend it off*
oh, Ewan!

*pets your icon*

and more ewan :D

in leather

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Re: and more ewan :D


my monday is looking slightly shinier now. not to mention more buff and lickable.

Re: and more ewan :D

*pats your back*

hehe, and some smiles

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Re: and more ewan :D

look at that face! *coos*

Re: and more ewan :D

I know, those eyes and that cheeky smile *paws him*
i want to read Firefly fic and watch Lost...

basically all i've done for the past 4 days is watch Firefly and Lost. it's fun. i encourage it. off with you! watch!
but..wont i get fired?
oh, well, yes i suppose that might be a problem. not unlike my homework issue. hmmmm. well, you could try jedi mind tricks, but it might be easier to trudge through work (beating your head against a desk if necessary; i've found it to help sometimes) then go home and watch Firefly and Lost aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall night.
id rather use the jedi mind tricks, but Hurley isnt here, and he is stronger in the Force than i am.

plus, the original plan was to go home after work and watch lost and read firefly fic ALLLLLL night, but i was trying to figure out how to get around the "work" part of the equation.
uh.... i dunno. i have no new ideas, i feel bad. um, think about how you were right about how I would enjoy Firefly. cuz I am. A LOT. I <3 Wash.
well, of COURSE i was right! im always right!

the fact that i dont even remember telling you to watch firefly has NOTHING to do with anything!

but, HEEE, isnt it GREAT? have you watched them all yet?

I heart Jayne. for many many reasons. but he is my favorite.
i'm pretty sure you told me to watch. practically everyone that's ever seen it has at some point or another. I haven't wathed them all yet; last one I watched was "Ariel." I've got 2 left on disc three, and I'm still waiting for Netflix to send disc four.

I like Jayne too, but Wash is my favorite. Jayne's probably second, with Simon.
im pretty sure i did too, because its such a good show. if not directly, by babbling about it in lj so much.

i also know where the easter egg on the 4th disc is, if you need some help finding it. :) my absolute favorite episode is Objects in Space, which is kinda the defacto season finale.

im so glad you are watching it! im assuming you are catching up so you are ready for the Big Damn Movie?
Yeah, I wanna finish it before I go see the movie. Though, with school and without a college, who knows when I'll actually have a chance to see it.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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