Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Origins of Petey

Just in case you arent one of peteytheorchid's minions, here is a repost of what i just put up on his journal (he allowed me to borrow it) on the origins of the death orchid himself. should you care.

Beggars For Roses - literarylemming
- Claire and Charlie find a garden. And a beautiful indigo orchid. creepy, but no death.

This BOTHERS me.

Don't Pick the Flowers
- written in reaction to Beggars for Roses. The indigo orchid plots his revenge for the disturbance of his garden.

Along the way, the orchid obtains a name, multiple minions, all of my worship, and several icons.

He deserves them.

At this point, Petey, excuse me, The Most High Orchid, begins to move around a bit.

He makes some appearences in literarylemming's journal, as well as some in the charlie_claire community. At some point or another, he ends up running rampant over teffy's journal, (as well as corellianjedi's i think), where literarylemming accidently sprays him with miracle grow, he develops a crush on teffy and a large taste for shoes.

The Most Beautiful Bloom
- in which Shannon could be a Priestess, and Petey just wants Boone.

The Gardener
- Someone has to tend him.

Pushing Up Daisies
- the latest story that has surfaced (as of less than a week ago). Shannon knows that Boone will not be allowed to be buried.

At some point around here, petey the death orchid becomes a searchable lj interest. Petey also gains his own lj, where he terrorizes his minions and demands drabbles and mayhem.

So far, in the "canon" part of Petey's history, he has eaten:

Yes, Boone was sacrificed twice! Petey really likes Boone.

At this point as well,
Shannon, Walt, Locke and Sun all serve Petey, with varying degrees of willingness.

And now, he has all of you as his loyal minions. *evil smile*

But, those, for those of you who had any interest at all, are the origins of the Death Orchid as told to me, High Priestess aliaspiral.

Over and out.

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