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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


I would love to read the squees that im hoping are occuring on my
flist, but i am at work, and it is not to be.

and yes, i now own Lost..and i have been really good. i didnt watch
half the season in one day, nor have i even peeked at the extras,
although i REALLY REALLY want to.

Half of that is because im getting together with sirkpega
this weekend to watch the extras, and the other half is because i was
too busy being exhausted and in pain after my irish step dance class
(the hopping exercises are EVIL), and so i just lay on the floor and
moaned for brandus to press play, and then roll me over to the couch.

in completely irelevent news, this morning i woke up with a Firefly
bunny chewing on my hair about the letters Jayne exchanges with his

Dear Mama,

Today the doctor's crazy sister tried to kill me. She ruined my
favorite shirt! Please send cookies.


Dear Jayne,

Enclosed is a new knife we bought at the fair. Mattie used it to skin
his first rabbit!

I hope you were a gentleman about the situation with the doctor's
sister. Its not her fault she is moonbrained.

I am working on a new scarf to match your hat, but I have run out of
orange yarn. Instead, the ends are going to be purple!

Thank you for the extra money, it has come in handy during the winter.

Your Mother

i like this thought, and might have to play with it some more.

anybody know why this always looks so wacky when i post by email? and
how to fix it?


We got through the last half of season 1 this weekend. Now we're at a loss for what to watch, since season 2 doesn't begin for WEEKS. Lost is evil. Lost is very very evil fandom-that-ate-fandom-crack. Oh, the conspiracies... I'm still waiting for the aliens to appear.

And Kyle would've been a better name for the baby.
i know! its not fair, making us wait for the new season!

and please, dont feed the crack-bunnies, there are so many that are labled "tess/ava/kyle" and "granolith/black rock," that its really not funny.

i really need to get around to writing one of those some day soon..
yay!! for Lost :)) and I didn't think irish step dance would be so painful *hugs gently*
it probably wouldnt be as bad if i was in decent shape before i started. *sigh*

the ankles, they are swollen.
ahh, yeah, I suppose it's quite hard work, ne?
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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