Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Petey Ficlet: Pushing Up Daisies

Lost/Petey ficlet.

never heard of Petey? Good, run now.

or, sit back, kick off your shoes (you wont get them back), and start here.

Title: Pushing Up Daisies*
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Warnings: plant mayhem
Spoilers: Do No Harm

She ran, as soon as she knew, hysterical and crying and falling over her expensive designer shoes. The heel breaks on one and she loses the other, but she doesnt stop, she doesnt slow down.

She knows that he will not be left in peace. He will not be allowed to be buried and she will not be allowed to mourn.

They think she hasnt noticed, that she has never seen Sun wipe blood off of her hands, or Walt's eyes gleam in the dark by the fire.

They think she doesnt know the plans for his body.

They plan to take it to Him. The one who grows and whispers and turns His leaves to the sun and calls to her in her dreams.

And there is nothing she can do.

Jack will look confused about the body being taken, but will assume, with Locke's help, that it is just another strange thing about the island. He wont notice the flattened grass and the drag marks away from the caves.

The others will huddle a little closer to the fire at night, eyes glinting with fear, but voices full of jokes and subject changes.

They will pretend not to notice that Sun is often not there. They won't notice Walt learning to skin animals behind the trees with Locke, or the scent of blood that always hangs in the air.

She staggers to a stop, gasping for air, blinded by her tears.

She turns frantically in a circle, trying to decide where she might be safe, where she could bring her brother so he can be buried and left alone.

The grass feels slick and sticky under her feet, and she picks a direction at random.

What is left of her heel catches on something in the grass, and she falls forward.

Soft hands catch her under her arms and pull her back to her feet.

Barefoot, she raises her eyes to meet Sun's calm brown eyes. She stumbles backwards, but it is too late.

Boone has already been brought before Him.

She retches, her brother's eyes are open and accusing and blank.

The dry snap of breaking bone makes her heave.

She is held there until the end, until there is nothing left of her big brother. Nothing left of the man who has been in love with her since she was eight. Nothing left of her family.

She screams and fights, but the hands do not draw her closer. They stroke her hair and whispered words of comfort are hidden in her hair.

She screams until her voice breaks. Until the blood on her dress dries. Until she throws up even the memory of food. Until she stands, docile and blank faced in front of him.

When she is handed a bowl, she bows her head to Him and drinks.

She barely chokes on the taste of her brother's blood.


*in my head, this is actually called "Douching Up Paisies." no, i wont explain.

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