Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

BatShit Insane

the final R Tam session has been released. *glee*

its..Sesson 416. before the tracheotomy. *dances in evil joy*

also, i have been spending my labor day full of tv! spike tv has been playing nothing but CSI: Los Vegas all day long, and ive been stuck. really, there is barely a break between one ep and the next, and ive been unable to get up for anything longer than a potty break.

plus, they arent saying it, but this is actually LOST CSI day.

so far, Boone has been a street racer bound to get revenge for his mom's death. which made me dance and made peteytheorchid hungry.

that was good enough.

but THEN, the very next episode, Sawyer is a valet! and he has bad hair and looks like a redneck! *dances*

so, now i am waiting for Dom to show up. no, he never did an ep of CSI that i know of, but seeing as it seems to be the day when everyone is going to show up on csi, i figure my chances are pretty good.

*waits patiently*

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