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longest "previouslys" in history
"I suddenly felt violently protective! huh..its over." hee! Jackson!
Taylor's hair! ohmygod!
i heart Kirk. and he said "get medieval on their ass."
Davey looks really big for, what, 4 or 5 month old?

the Inn looks pretty.
CuteDean looks pretty.
Michel, "this is how you stand in these pants." HEE!
anvils? Richard is taking this conversation way too seriously.
eww, Richard. shave that thing!
i adore Emily. "english-to-dumbbell dictionary"
Kirk is cussing this episode. a lot. its distracting.
shut up Digger. wow..he's really bad at golf. *snicker*
what does Rory's shirt say? im really distracted by this..
wow, that was the first real fight that Rory and Dean had where they were both upset.

is the square big enough to hide 300 easter eggs?
im..actually finding myself almost liking Digger. this is bad. Digger is evil.
i hope Lindsey is listening in to this conversation. HA! She was!

aw, poor Kirk.
Luke actually looks sympathetic. for Kirk.
i hope Digger breaks up with Lorelai. Cause i hate him. even if i do find myself almost liking him tonight..
i hope that Digger's dad wants to break up the partnership. or is businessing everybody out from under them.
is Richard holding his cigar backwards?
HA! Floyd is sueing!
aww..look at poor Richard's face! he's upset.
oh, and his wife knew and didnt warn Emily.
and now they know that Lorelai and Digger are dating..this is going to be ugly
i almost feel bad for Digger.
to win back Richard's trust, he has to stop daing Lorelai? sadly, no. damnit.

Kirk thinks Taylor is his father! Ha!
and poor Kirk!
aww..Luke, i love you. you softie. and so does Kirk.
wow, promo guy actually got something right. "its not going to happen" WAS about CuteDean talking to Rory.
where is Digger's dog?
ooh, Richard, what are you doing?
Digger has just been *fired*. damnit, now i do feel bad for him. fuck! i hate him. i dont wanna feel bad for him!

promo guy? are you lying to me? Emily and Richard getting seperated? did you see that look Lorelai was giving Luke? i have to wait all week? bastages!

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