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Long Weekend and Some Porn

i have been dancing around about the R. Tam sessions and have made the brandus watch them, even though he has never seen Firefly. he has just been rolling his eyes, but ALL THIS WEEKEND, we have been watching Firefly!

so far, he slept through Shindig and half of The Message. Light weight. *snerk*

but hey, it was his idea.

i also finally found the damn easter egg on the dvds, with made me squeal and wiggle in inappropriate ways.

brandus has suggested that Jaquin Phoenix would have been a better Simon, and, while the idea makes me happy in the pants, i dont think Jaquin could have been as straightlaced and uptight.

also, i still love Jayne. this will never change.

in other news, i figure out, several weeks ago, how to get Luke's pants off* in the Gilmore Girls porn that had me stumped. which means, that its almost done!

which means i need someone crazy enough to beta for me in GG and specifically, for the porn. as its only the second porno ive ever written, i like to be certain its in character and makes sense and isnt completely insane.

err...point? beta, anyone?

*this discovery lead me to proclaiming, loudly, "I CAN GET HIS PANTS OFF!", which probably would have been fine if i was at home, and not, you know, at work.

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