Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

The Mattress is Not to be Trusted

Nobody told me about a new R. Tam session being out.

You're all fired.

for those of you who have no clue, live under rocks, or never paid any attention to Joss anyway, the R Tam sessions are an online advertisement for Serenity, the Firefly movie coming out on Set 30. they are SO COOL.

for those of you who do Firefly though, some thoughts on the sessions themselves. rambling, cause thats just how i do things.

I want to know how often sessions were held..twice a week? once a day? we know that River was at the Academy for at least two years..possibly closer to three..its my opinion that session 416 (the one where Joss has been given a pen tracheotomy) was possibly not the last session.

my brain has eloped with the idea of Simon somehow getting his hands on these. i would loveloveLOVE to see that fic. Simon, sitting down and watching, and seeing his sister go from the sweet innocent girl who wants to know if she can still dance, to being the ranting raving girl who wants to protect her spine.

i want to see Simon break. yes. i might dabble some with this idea, but i wish for you to as well. get to the breaking please! *shoos you towards Word* go to the writing and the hurt and the breaking..and the Jayne getting to see how River used to be. i dont know why, but thats important to me.

there are bunnies here, under the mattress. one of them is a Fucked Up Fairy Tale, and one involves Such Good Work. *plots*

why has there been no fic on my flist based on these sessions? get writing people! and if you know of some, please to send links.

*blows you kisses, hides pens from River*

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