Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Babble Like Lorelai

For some bizarre reason, ive been hanging out at this morning.

Feeling brave, i guess.

and i am SO VERY TEMPTED to do a babb_chronicles for Gilmore Girls fic. because most of it on the Pit is badbadBAD.

Like, the story where every word in the summery is capitalized..NOT LIKE THIS, But Like This, Like The Summery Is The Most Important Thing Ever Written.

and the STILL sheer number of Trory stories being posted makes my eyes bleed. I even saw one, no joke, that was Tristan/Logan.

My brain broke at that one.*

Anyway, i am temporarily all caught up on the Flist. of course, im off for Chicago on Monday, so as always, if cool things get posted, drop me a comment or something. when gone, or returning, my most important filter is my Peoples filter, where i try and keep up with your lives. so, i AM trying. promise.

*personal favorite summery: " A nursery home, two souls, meant to be together meet again.." a NURSERY HOME? my GOD, Rory is going into CLONING!

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