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Influential Book Meme

stolen from several people, including magelette and musesfool

Farenheit 451 was the first book that ever shook my world. i think i was about 10 when i read it, and before then, had never really thought about how different the world could be. i also blame my complete addiction to utopia/disutopia novels on reading this one.
There's dew on the grass in the morning. And if you look, there's a man in the moon.

Alex, the Life of a Child showed me that children die. i was 8 when i read it, and Alex was 8 when she died. I went on a real kick on CF, did several science projects on it, some research. i still donate to the CF Foundation.

Towards Amnesia is a book i found when i couldnt stop thinking about how nice it would be to be someone else, be somewhere else. i picked it up off of Melisa's bookshelf, but after i finished it, i hunted down a copy for myself.

The whole Finover Tapastry series: The Summer Tree, The Wandering Fire, and The Darkest Road; left me wandering around completely out of it for almost a week. the lyrical haunting quality of the words, and the repetition of many of the same phrases is really affecting. Weaves mythology, fantasy, and all religions together.
Most hated by the Dark, for their name was Light.
Saddest story of all the sad stories told.

Outsiders. Who doesnt love this book? who hasnt cried when reading this book? I still know all the words to that poem too. And i cry over Johnny and Darry every time. every damn time.

The Giver is another utopian novel. only this one, each child is chosen to live in a family, and what they will be, and the children they dont need..well, they get rid of. Emotions, pain, even colors, are not seen or felt. there is also Gathering Blue, which is set in the same world, but i havent read it yet.

My Siter's Keeper, is a book i read today, sitting in Borders. it took me 2 hours. its that good. more a character study in complicated decisions than a full blown plot, you find yourself sympathizing with all the characters. and then crying in the middle of a bookstore over a 13 year old named Anna.

Writing Down the Bones is a guide for aspiring writers, but its more than that. another book i borrowed from melisa, and havent gotten around to getting my own copy.

there are more. like, way more, but these are the first ones that spring to mind. im surprised, really, by how few fantasy books are on the list. which books influenced you? how? why?
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