Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Fly By Night Reporting

STUFF, randomly connected through a series of numbers:

1. I got a weird comment at the spiral about the mars spirit (default) layout, about the brown on brown being hard to read..something i think my sisters and people would have told me about earlier. i thanked them, told them i would work on it, and then mentioned that they could choose a different layout.

got a different comment, from what i think is the same person, although names and emails are different, saying that a different layout doesnt work right (butterfly, my fav layout), and that she is sorry im having trouble, but she cant help me and doesnt want to waste her time reading a blog she has trouble with.

i find that to be i never asked for help, nor did i need it. whatever.

2. i have returned from the beach, as you can tell. im still sitting at about skip=60 on my people filter, so i havent even looked at my fic/fun filter yet. gah, you people are TALKY. please forgive the lack of comments, although sandrainthesun, i HEART the L/L graphic you made for me. thank you!

3. the Woman's Day Children's Book contest is still ongoing. this is partially for me, but i know some of you are interested. here is entry info.

To enter:
Submit a manuscript for a picture book (text only, 500 word limit), following these steps:

1. Fold eight (8) pages of 8 1/2" x 11" pieces of paper in half to create a total of 32 pages (standard picture book length).
2. Write your name, address, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address on the front.
3. Write your story, approximately two (2) sentences per page.

Mail your entry to:
WD Children's Book Writer Contest
Dept. C075N, Box 711
Holmes, PA 19043

Entries must be postmarked on or before September 30, 2005.

4. I wish to do the 12 tv/movie scenes that make me cry, and this should be considered a place holder/reminder.

5. Went to see Sky High last night, and im in love with Warren Peace. also, Layla should like HIM, as he is a sweetie. also, send me fic and screencaps and links and stuff.

no, really. i need them. and it scares me that i am having bunnies.

not to mention i was listening to my mp3 player this morning and heard "Burning Love" and did an entire fan vid in my head.

shut up.

somebody make it for me? please? ill give you bunnies! er..i mean, ill write you fic in thanks!

6. Brandus the Enabler forced me to go to Hastings last night, and i now own Joan of Arcadia Season One AND Lois and Clark Season one. im ridiculously excited about Lois and Clark.

-Jimmy, you know what a man needs at a time like this?
- A baseball bat and an alibi?

as a result, am now poorer than ever imagined.

am also trying to figure out the best way to take my computer and L&C with me in the moving truck to Chicago..without burning out the battery or accidently losing it on the metro. am frightened by the idea of multiple days trapped in a truck with no net access whatsoever. am panicking.

hold me.

7. was informed that today is whitelighter69's birthday,
which thrills me to pieces as he is an awesome human being and i adore him.

of course, my first memories of him are a little..odd, for lack of a better term..

shalynn_j, my best friend in the entire universe, calls.

"I have the perfect guy for you! i love him and you will love him, but he dresses so great, he might be gay. wanna go on a date with him? and me?"

and she was right! on all accounts! including the gay!

but seriously, joejoe is one of the coolest people in the whole history of the world, and im a huge slacker because i never call him, just send verbal messages through Shan.

however, this is a post of LOVE for whitelighter69! so go love him.

ETA: he is so cute! he stars out bad words in his posts! *snuggles*

Private message to him: Chemo AGAIN?! since when? why? why cant you JUST STAY BETTER? *sends love and chocolate and blankets*

8. my movie theater has a poster for Serinity. I squeed. loudly.

9. i have fic recs! i do! including Spiderman, which i have never read before, HP, and Firefly. ill get back to you when i have links and brain cells and time.

10. i KNOW im forgetting things. i just cant remember what they are. expect edits. possibly several.

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