Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Weekend Woes

Last weekend, i was in a cabin in Wyoming.

It was fun, but im still drastically behind on reading of the flist.

Tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, we head down to St Simons Island, Ga,
to hang out with my parents and lounge on the beach.

We'll be back Sunday.

So Ill be even further behind on fandom and online-y things.

I have a week to catch up.

THEN, on the 15th, i get into a uhaul truck and help my sister move
from Denver to Chicago. this will take an entire week..and needless
to say, there will be little to no net fun for alia.

so basically, this is notice of brief hiatus. when i can, ill be
reading, but that will be rare and spread a little thin. so, please
note that i dont hate you, i just dont have time to

if something nifty happens, i expect to be notified. i have aim on my
phone, but im not sure of access, time or patience, as i hate text
messaging or anything that involves typing on my phone.

as always, email me, or comment with whatever entertaining things
happen..i usually take those to mean, new promos for tv shows/movies,
accounments fandom wise, funny stories, and fic recs of all kinds.

see y'all later.

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