Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

The Work In Progresseseseses

Or, the post in which i look for inspiration. or a kick in the butt. or, the post in which i tease you with things that might never be completed.

Title: Dessert First
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Word Count: 1700
Status: half done, currently stalled due to figuring out logistics
Summery: Porn, which will eventually be finished and be a really late bday prezzie for my favorite stalker. the idea was, porn on the first date..and then Luke dropped his fork and things went downhill.

Of course, it wasn’t a dirty touch. Nope. Her hand might be on his thigh, and her thumb might be rubbing circles on the inseam of his pants, but this was their first date, which is why there is absolutely no way her hand had just slide a few inches higher and teasingly squeezed..anything.

How was she eating? How was she forming words and prattling on about the mating habits of salmon? How was she twisting her hand like that without straining her wrist?

If it weren’t for the fact he knew she wasn’t using her left hand for eating purposes, he would honestly look under the tablecloth to make sure it was really her.

Oh no. It wasn’t really her. This was some sick joke. A sick joke with really flexible wrists.

Title: Hated
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: under 200
Status: stalled until further notice. or until i get a better handle on Remus.
Summery: Severus Snape hates Remus Lupin. But not why you think. i like the idea that both of them are Dark Creatures, in their own way. But Remus didnt chose it. Severus did.

All true.

But what no one knows, and Snape won’t admit, is that there is much more to it than a simple attempted murder.

Lupin was a child when he was bitten. He was blameless in his role as a dark creature, and was not even aware that Snape was following him.

It was not Lupin’s fault.

Some days, Snape is able to admit this.

Most days though, he just looks at Lupin and hates.

Some days, Snape knows why.

Title: Bloom
Fandom: Roswell
Word Count: 5320
Status: possibly permanantly stuck. *sigh* but i still have hope!
Summery: FUBAR'd fairytales, anyone? very weird, no dialogue, and i cannot explain my love of this story. its very..twisted.

She was frozen.

Huddled into a corner of this dark house, cowering away from an all too human Beast.

He was kneeling on the floor, hands caught in his hair, breathing and whispering to her.

He seemed to be begging her for something.

For forgiveness?

She touched her throbbing forehead with a painted hand.

It came away sticky.

She was bleeding.

He was crying.

He whispered her name.





Scarlet and crimson mixed in the palm of her hand, blurring into one harsh shade of red.

Title: Nowhere Bound (285 Nowhere)
Fandom: Roswell
Word Count: 850
Status: stalled due to dialogue issues.
Summery: 285 ANTI Polar story. Came about as the result of my very amusing mental image of what Maria would have done if she and Isabel and Max were stuck in traffic. that scene has yet to be written, but i already know that Maria wont accidently spill on Isabel..she'll do it on purpose.

“I can not believe I got paired with Queen Amidala!” Maria threw her books into her locker with a dramatic sigh. “Could my life get any worse?”

Liz rolled her eyes as she shut her locker door. “Want to trade?” She offered Maria the piece of paper with her partner’s name scrawled across it.

“Michael Guerin?” Maria asked in disbelief. “He paired you with Michael Guerin?”

“Of course he did,” Liz smiled wryly. “He had a choice between pairing me with Kyle, my slightly stalker-y ex boyfriend, or Michael, the slightly creepy best friend of my current non boyfriend.”

“I am so sorry.” Maria’s eyes were wide with sympathy. “And here I was complaining about being paired with Isabel.” She blinked and pursed her mouth. “Actually, I’m more afraid of Isabel. Michael just has criminal tendencies; Isabel is a psychopath.”

Title: Streams, Glaciers, Oceans
Fandom: Firefly
Word Count: 500
Status: in progress, just slow
Summery: I watched Safe, and then my brain exploded. What if they hadnt come back? a five things story centered around River and Simon and various degrees of burning.

Because, while there were whispers, there were no stories. Nothing concrete, nothing he could identify as being a problem.

Hell, he had written the doc off when they landed at that Alliance outpost with the Sheppard bleeding all over everything.

He had meant to come back, sure. But after the Preacher died, the Alliance decided to hassle them, and Serenity had to run.

So, it really wasn’t his fault that a couple of years had gone by before he made his way back to this planet. Without the cows this time, fortunately. The hull still smelled like manure if you stood in the right place.

But when they set down here, Kaylee had been biting her lip like she did when she was nervous, and Zoe had made a mild comment about “us needing a medic, sir.” So here he was, looking for whatever Podunk town had stolen the doc and his crazy sister.

And finding nothing but some uneasy looks and careful words about how “he’s a good man when you’re dying.”

Well, yeah, that’s what a doc is for. But he hadn’t survived this long without some good instincts. And those instincts were screaming at him something awful.

He weighed the idea of Kaylee’s puppy eyes to the creepy crawlies running up his back, and gorram it all if that girl didn’t win.

So, thats that. And with musesfool wanting me to burn down Number 12 Grimmauld Place, and thinking of several other places where Luke and Lorelai could get nekkid, and countless Lost bunnies that have been pushed to the wayside, im a little overwhelmed writing wise. Any help?

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