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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Salsa Spam

I have a sudden craving for avacados.


And i also desire french fries.

i wonder if avacados on french fries would be good? *ponders*

If i had money or pants on, i would go to the store so i could find out.


you are so totally random and I love it :D and french fries sound really nice, although I don't think I could eat much now (is waiting to go to the dentist) *wibbles* also? pants might be a good idea ;)
its midnight thirty here, so i can go pantless if i want to!

and yes, i have been stuck in Random Mode for the last several days. im also currently bitterly disappointed everytime i realize tomorrow is thursday instead of friday. am very sad. *sniff*

good luck at the dentist, dovey! remember, the laughing gas is your friend!
hehe, okay :) is quite early in the morning here :)

I'm always in random mood :D anything special happening on friday? or because it's the weekend?

thanks *clings* hehe, not sure I will get that thou :D

*lol* at you icon <3 <3
tis the husbands birthday tomorrow and we are going to the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL! my home away from home! and he is wearing his kilt, and im wearing my harem girl outfit and we are going to see Ded Bob and Zilch the Toreysteller and eat really expensive bad food and ever so many things!

and i LOVE my Sugarbowl Snape icon. sadly, i did not make it, but i LOVE it!
ohh, that sounds like such a good time and the hubby in a kilt, very nice ;)
Can I just say, Holy crap! I came across your website last night and read through your five Harry Potter fics. I thought I was going to pee myself when I read Excuse Me, That's My Stapler, but then I read All Gone Aside. Wow. That fic was amazing. I have never been a fan of MWPP era fics, but yours has helped to change my mind. Excellent, excellent work.
Wow thanks! Excuse Me was actually written as a comment, but it made me giggle, so i posted it as a full drabble. And All Gone Aside took over my brain and forced me to write it. im so glad you like them!
...you better not be pregnant over there! *shakes fists and grins*

Emily :)
ooh...i dont know...*grins*

no, im not, but when i am..you will know!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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