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Top ten five titles of my own personal fics. Just because. Not in order. and oddly, only two from the same fandom..weird.

1. Excuse Me, That's My Stapler - HP
2. Looking for the Light (Chatting with Lucinda) JoA
3. Breadcrumbs - Lost
4. Memorial to the Name - Roswell
5. Please Remain Seated Until the Fasten Seatbelt Sign Has Been Turned Off - Lost

PS. SQUEEEEEEE! Thank you, anyone who voted! or anyone who has ever read! or everybody!

PPS. Yes, ive finished HPB. yes, i thought the saw things over half of my friends list did, but i will actually make a post upon completion of a second reading.

PPPS. I forgot genevieve's birthday..even though, you know, her birthday is PART OF HER LJ NAME. i SUCK. but you are still my very favorite stalker in the whole world! and soon, you will have PORN. but at the moment, Luke cant get his pants off. no, really, he cant. hes all tangled up!

PPPPPPPPPPPPPS. I have decided that all of you need love letters. there has been that meme going around again of "comment and ill tell you something fabulous about you!" but i hate that meme more than i can say..mainly because i think..i should comment..but what if they cant think of anything nice about me, and then all im left with is a yearbook of nothing but "stay sweet!" and "have a great summer!"

I wouldnt be able to deal.

so! instead, occansionally, i will pick somebody and snuggle them LOTS AND LOTS! and love you and hug you and take you home and call you George!

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