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Kara! why on earth didnt i know that Roswell Elementary had a quiz? why? and its all pretty, and sparkly! and OH! Im Maria! Whoo!

Which Roswell Elementary Character Are You?

this quiz was made by Emily and Kara
Maria's one of life's originals, that's for sure. Creative and energetic, Maria loves many different things, and she will talk and talk and talk about all of the things that she loves for hours on end. She's deceptively innocent looking, but every boy in the class knows that she can kick their butts.

yes, i am going back and playing in roswellunderground's archives and other fun stuff..*sigh*. one day i know underground might actually disappear one day, and i will cry. cause it was a very big part of my roswell experience. and i still go and reread the Future Arc and the RE's, and..and..everything.

im feeling all roswell nostalgic tonight. im watching my DVD's again. im such a geek.

and im using my newish maria icon. i made it. its pretty. i like it.

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