Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


i just remembered why i hate a) squealy obnoxious fangurls and b)

ive been looking for Phil of the Future fic again..(hush you), and i cant find ANYTHING. there is the Pit, but its all written by 12 year olds who are obsessed with Phil/Ricky Ullman, and therefore its either so saccarine it hurts my teeth, or badly written. and sometimes, horrifically, both.

and i want pictures or screencaps or SOMETHING, and there is NOTHING. and there is a dvd coming out in the fall, but it only has like, four episodes on it.


i have no idea why i love this show as much as i do. and ive only seen about five episodes total, and soon, we wont have Disney anymore, so ill have to get up early enough on Saturdays to watch it on ABC.

and i still have no screencaps, no wallpapers, no fic, no NOTHING.


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