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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Smot, Purn, and Naked

Im cruising through some new smut stories, and enjoying one in particular, as the characterization was pretty damn on, and the banter was going well..and then, we get to the porn.

and we get to this line:

fondle the smooth hairless skin, trace the perfect meaty shape of her inner and outer folds.

let me say that again, PERFECT MEATY SHAPE. as a description of the VAGINA.


I recoiled from the screen and cannot finish the story.

i am HORRIFIED. I have never read a less attractive description of genitals. and ive read some really bad porn.

also, as a question not at all related to the perfect meaty shape of anything, but it does relate to the story..i know some women trim, some shape..and some shave, but how many go brazilian? it just seems odd, in my mind, for this character to do so.

whatever, i leave you with this HORRIFIC MENTAL IMAGE of the PERFECT MEATY SHAPE. *scrubs brain with bleach*


omg, I thought I'd read everything. Obviously I haven't or else I totally skipped over that line, lmao. Thanks for the share...I think...no, not really.
ill give you a hint, its the one post right after mine in the comments. *eye twitch* it on, page three of the story, i think?

Im still shuddering.
OOh, that might be the one I'm reading right now. That has 4 chapters. I haven't gotten done with chapter 1 yet.
oh. just wait. you will get there. and then you might have a seizure.

i think i did. *twitch*
Taken out of context the line is so wrong and disturbing. But if you read fast and don't pay attention you don't think about it too much and can finish the fic. I stopped and giggled when I hit it though, just thinking of your reaction. Hee.
it was just..so horrific and disturbing. it threw me off the whole fic...did the smut get any better from there?
It was smut. No other dsiturbing sentences that I noticed. A ton of people are in love with the fic. My one friend especially. I have to mention the meaty thing to her. And yes, that word is offically ruined for all of us here now, lol.
i would ordinarily say something about how not to destroy others imaginations and enjoyment, but in this case, SPREAD THE WORD.



We love Porn

So obviously this is melisa.

I had to title this response as this because it is the new slogan that I have seen everywhere.

First, I am so glad that you read porn. I find it VERY amusing considering you and I can hardly discuss sex at all.

My one comment on "meaty" shape is that this descriptor to me states something male-centered about the Vagina. There is nothing meaty unless it is about the male genetalia and I find the description 1.bad for writing and 2. a little misoginistic and it makes me want to call out the angry feminists

Re: We love Porn

Well, i can read it, but i dont generally talk about it..even with Shan. telling her i WROTE porn shocked her, and then she giggled.

"meaty." *shudder*

I know one girl who goes Brazilian, but that was just because she was going to Hawaii, but anyway...

*blinks again*

Even as an enjoyer of porn, I think I still need to scour my eyeballs with soap...
i KNOW, its horrifying!

i shall never be able to read het porn again without thinking of it and cringing in horror.
Ewwwwwww. I've read some bad porn, but wow. Now I can't stop thinking of scaloppine. *shudders* Truly horrifying.
Now I can't stop thinking of scaloppine

*shrieks in horror*

EW! EW! the image just made it WORSE!

*cringes in revulsion*
Uh... oops. Oh, man, I'm so sorry. *shares the revulsion*
A "Perfect meaty shape" sounds like something that belongs in a sandwich.
but NOT a part of the female anatomy!

unless we are made out of sandwiches, and no one ever told me. the bastards.
O_O *shudders*
i know! *sniffles*

Hold me.
*clings tightly*
How about the one that referred to her nipples as "pink buttons?" That cracked me up and totally pulled me out of the story.
see, whils that would make me giggle, it probably wouldnt throw me out of the story..unless more silly descriptions were used..i didnt even remember the pink buttons, so it must not have bothered me..

THIS is why im so afraid to write porn!


::dies laughing::

Okay, my husband is not allowed to refer to anything on my body as "meaty," even if he qualifies it with "perfect." NO SEX FOR HIM!

Donna :)

Re: Wuh?!

the most awful part of the whole thing, description and all?

the story was written by a female. do YOU know any girls who would be flattered by someone calling ANYTHING on their body meaty?!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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