Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

One Down

xmmficathon finished and posted, and i like it.

And Tommygirl (storydivagirl) ended up being saddled with my requests, gave me the lovely The Sweetest Flowers, which is a great look into Rogue's head.

Now, i just have to finish my Lukesmut entry, which is almost done, and i am having entirely too much fun writing. it should be done by tomorrow, if anyone is up for a quick beta. i have a bad tendency to change tenses mid sentence, and i need someone to make sure it flows and makes sense and that the smut doesnt sound stupid. not that its graphic smut, by any means.

in my head, its sorta kinda a continuation of Shaking In Her Shoes, only this time, from Luke's pov and naked. or something.

but..i shall finish it tomorrow! i hope.

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