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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

*flailing wildly*

Please Remain Seated Until the Fasten Seatbelt Sign Has Been Turned Off has been nominated in the Best Romance catagory at the Lost Fanfiction Awards.

flailing has begun.

Im FLATTERED. and STUNNED. This isnt "Best Romance in the Insane Ideas" Catagory. its not even in the HET catagory. this is OVERALL. i dont care if i win or lose, im just so amazed that i was NOMINATED. Please Remain Seated was a very quick little story that i wrote in about an hour while playing 10 minute fic tag with Gibby (see, literarylemming? im trying to spread it!) on AIM.

the reception of my little goofy idea has blown me away.

and the het list isnt up yet, and i havent read much slash in the lost fandom, and i am eagerly awaitin to see who of my doves have gotten nominated as well! *crosses fingers for all of you*

i..er..only found out about these tonight...well, ok, total lie, they emailed me ages ago, i guess they mass emailed authors? and then i lost the email and forgot all about it until i noticed the several new comments on Please Remain Seated, and somebody on my fflist mentioned it.

so..if you nommed me, speak up so i can compose odes in your honor! or..pregnant Claire bathroom sex, or something...which was where that idea was originally supposed to go...*cough*

ETA: the flailing has gone to my head. i have now had to edit this thing THREE times, just to fix my inability to type or write an lj user name. *facepalm*


Okay, I'm NOT the one who nommed you, but whoever did should be given a cookie because your story (I'm too lazy to type out the title) is probably my favorite C/C story. Ever. So... yay for you.
LMAO! dont worry! every time i type out the whole thing (instead of the lazy, "please remain seated" that i usually do), i actually have to double check the post to make sure i write it correctly.

and thank you! im so thrilled! *beams*
\o/ big congrats :)
Thanks! *wiggles*
*MASSIVE TACKLEHUGS!!!!!* You ROCK!! And you called me Gibby! You doubly rock! *MORE HUGS!*

I'll be lucky to get even a small mention. ;) LOL! I stick mainly to C&C and I haven't written anything in ages, so most folks have forgotten me. So I'll just sit back and root for you, shall I? How many times can we vote per story? Because I will gladly vote for this one A MILLION TIMES!

i wish i had remembered about this thing earlier, because i didnt even NOM! and you KNOW i wouldve nommed a couple of yours. i mean, really, you are one of my favorite C/C writers!

and thank you for the lovely rooting for me post in your lj. *blush*
Whoooo! Very cool. :) Can I vote for you? And tell all our friends to vote for you too?
yes you can! and hell, please do! *beams* you dont have to be a member or anything, just have to read the stories and vote.

i must channel Lyle Kyle here: "Im just happy to be nominated."
That's awesome, Alia... Congratulations! *rains golden radishes down on your head*

Emily :)
thanks! *beamingly accepts a golden radish*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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