Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Twenty Three Positions

I. am having a very down day.

i have had a really bad stomach ache for the past two days. i havent been sleeping well since before i became ReceptionistGirl, and im so exhausted. but i cant nap, because that makes the night issues worse.

im out of ice cream.

i have two stories due on july 1. i have barely started.

my best friend is mad at me. for reasons i cant explain, as i am not allowed by my own rules.

sirkpega has The Pacifier AND a working burner, but i am far from her, and i have neither.

But, i am watching Amelie, and that always makes me think of little things i like, so im doing my own damn meme, to cheer myself up. follow, or not..but at least drop me a comment on one of the little things that make you happy.

I like the little things.

-feeling my cat purr
-curling up in my velvet pajama bottoms
-walking barefoot through thick grass
-licking the spoon when making cookies
-watching a storm come in
-drinking hot chocolate out of a smiley face mug
-talking to the boy in the middle of the day
-watching candles burn
-reading new fanfic
-seeing my fic get recced
-seeing a new comp wallpaper everytime i turn Madmartigan on
-making icons for krispy

little things. sometimes its all youve got. but that can still be alot.

and now, my cheeseheadedness is off to finish reading The Curse of Chalion, as ive been in a Bujold mood lately, but Miles is way too..hyper for today.

any little things, my doves? i could use the reminder.

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