Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Toy Poodles on Parade Hell

"Im here. With beer." in a briefcase! hee!
redone credits. Harmony is in them now.
shut up Eve.
oh, pretty Lindsey..can we have the tattoos back?
who else thought the blond was Darla? just me?
that kid is creeeeeepy looking.
Spike watched Knight Rider. My life is complete.

A world with nothing but shrimp? but..but Tara's allergic to shrimp.
do vampires still need to be invited in, in an alternate demension?
the Eve, Lorne, Harmony scream? priceless.

"wife's a little moody"
Gunn? Gunn, what are you doing? no! not Gunn! take Angel! Take Wesley! Hell, ill give you Eve, just not Gunn!
"Im on fire! no..never mind..."
"damn, he is well dressed." aw, Angel's jealous.

they just completely dropped Lindsey on the floor. it was really funny.
i like Mark. hes a suck up, AND hes evil.
god..why is Eve still here? she didnt get to die violently. im very disappointed.
I like Amy a lot better as Illyria. damnit, i like Illyria.
Wesley called Illyria a smurf? to her face? ha!

i hate Eve. Kill her.
there are too many apocalypses in this universe. damn you Joss, my head hurts.
2 soldiers? Cordy? Fred? Gunn? Doyle? PICK A SOLDIER!

there. wasnt that fun?

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