Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

More of the Random of the Icon Variety

Number one: sirkpega forced me to watch Firefly last weekend. im now the proud owner of a set of dvds. i hate her, as my life is now gone for a while until i work the crew of Serenity out of my head. in celebration, here's Jayne. I love Jayne. Ive decided my favorite weird pairing is Jayne/River. i have no idea why, but it appeals to me. now, send me fic recs.

text wasnt meant to be tiny text, and im sort of embarassed, as i did it. it says A Man Called Jayne.

Number two: Lost and Charlie are still fabulous things, and Dom is entirely too cute for his own good.

Number three: Finally managed to move all of my old caps and pics from my zips to my hard drive. discovered previously unknown pics. its Brendan Fehr, because everyone needs some Bren once in a while. cause he is yummy.

Now, to return to my watching of Gilmore Girls (season 3, Say Goodnight, Gracie) and my perusal of Firefly fanfiction.

Oh, and comment and credit, iffen you take.

oh, and the Naked David icon used in this post was made by me as well, and is up for grabs. i have one that doesnt say "naked" on it too, if you want that one. let me know.
Tags: firefly icons, lost icons, roswell icons

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