Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Ickle Firsties

My very first ljdq and i get quoted. go figure!

anyway! one year ago YESTERDAY, i was in Georgia.

I'll give you a hint. I was wearing a large white dress, carrying a bunch of flowers, and had a date with the guy down front in a tux.

we had survived over a year of planning and plotting and family fights to get there in the first place.

so, yesterday, we headed down to denver for a day of..well, nothing really. we were going to go the science museum, but got distracted by the big flea market, so we went there instead. then, after spending a little bit of money on silly stuff, and fighting the urge to buy an old style nintindo, so we could play Super Mario 3, we headed to Mineinger's, a very dangerous art store. then out to eat at the Old Spagetti Factory, then home again.

We also had year old cake that has been in my mom's freezer. it was good. :)

this past year? has been good on the married front. the personal front kinda sucked, but the actually relationship part has gone well.

so, YAY US!

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