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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh



Ok, in little to NO ORDER, after only one watching. whoo!

Artz, thank you for telling me all i needed to know about dynamite..especially seeing as i ALREADY KNEW THAT. And people said stuff i learned from MacGyver would never come in handy! I also adored Artz's ranting on the clique on the island. AHAHAHA! so true!

and then, BOOM! no more Artz! well, we already knew he was a red shirt.

OOh, poor Claire, very upset and tired and stressed and out of nappies! and why am i the only person who seems to want to know what she made the nappies out of? And then Charlie! trying so hard to calm her down and help her out, and he made her a sling for Turnip Head and OMGSHEKISSEDHIMONTHECHEEK. *squees and dances* cutest couple ever!

Shannon and the eighty thousand bags! i seriously didnt realize that half of that stuff was Boone's. Im a bad incesty shipper. shame on me! *drifts off in mental image of Shannon sniffing Boone's clothes* but Sayid, i love you. just so you know. you are hot AND helpful!

Locke you are CREEEEEEEPY. Stop it! and you ignoring Hurley was NOT ON.

Hurley freaking out over the numbers was cool. although his chanting and freaking out and trying to stomp out the fuse made you look back insane.

i do need to point out that i love the shows where they show flashbacks of EVERYONE. it flows better, and it means we dont have to see stupid pointless things that dont actually tell us anything.

sorry..back to the point.

Danielle! Claire scratched Danielle! So, who the hell was Ethan? Was Ethan working WITH Danielle? or did Danielle try to rescue Claire only to kidnap her herself? I also didnt anticipate Danielle having had set the signal fire..although im still not sure she didnt. and i felt bad for her when she is standing there with Aaron (he has a name!) and crying. yes, i felt bad for the crazy lady who just KIDNAPPED CLAIRE'S BABY.

And the heroin? oh Charlie, NO! Im currently working on the theory that he just wants to set up and alter. yes. thats my decision. yes.

but Charlie's face walking back into camp, he looked so proud! and carrying the baby! and Claire just lit up and threw herself at him! admittedly, she actually did that to grab the baby, but still, they looked like quite the happy family. *squishes*

And i REALLY liked Shannon throwing herself at Sayid, when he was all dripping wet and pretty...*drools*

ok, that takes care of the land stuff..lets go to sea!

Who else KNEW that the Others were coming for Walt? i SO CALLED IT. Ethan took Claire by mistake, maybe? Or maybe they wanted someone who could probably raise Walt?

Sawyer jumping off after the rudder. whooo! Sawyer shirtless is a lovely lovely thing. yummy. and..why did the rudder fall off, again? i must have missed it..

Michael seemed very very pissed about the gun. Maybe he thought Sawyer stole it. or was going to kill them all, or something.

PS, im falling for Jin. dammit! i wanted there to be someone i could hate just to hate! besides the Kate, i mean. who i dont hate, she just annoys me.

Michael wanted to foist Walt off on his grandma? daaaamn.

Ok, so the boat came. and the guys on the raft dont notice that the RAFT is probably bigger than that little boat?

All males on board, by the way.


and PLEASE dont tell me i was the only one to notice this?

The person who threw the bomb that blew up the boat was FEMALE.

more importantly, she was a YOUNG FEMALE. say, about 16.

Everyone, say hello to Alex.

*satisfied smile*

and, while we really didnt get any real answers, i didnt care. it was a good episode. i felt it was solid, and covered alot of ground.

Yay Lost!

now, i need the dvds. NOW.


OH MY GOD. i noticed that a girl threw the bomb but i never thought of it being alex. *runs off to watch again* YOU ARE AMAZING.
AHAHAHA! evidently i WAS the only one who called her as Alex, as i have been told i am amazing multiple times now! i LOVE being amazing!

its the next day, and im STILL high off the finale!
I have a hunch that we'll be high off the finale for a while now. *tries to find time to watch it again today*

I admit it. Herioin Hobbit gets major props for letting Sayid play with gun powder on his head. Also, Molly and I agree that that whole scene was hot.

i WILL bring you around to the love of the hobbit one day. i will.

and yes. forty KINDS of hot.
OMG, I didn't think of Alex either. Did notice it was a girl.

This episode was so awesome and it had me freaking out for the last two hours as you'll see if you try to read my edited-a-million-times-as-I-was-watching post, lol.

Holy crap. Can't even collect thoughts and figure things out yet.
i seriously think im the only one who made that connection, as i have seen it NOWHERE ELSE on the internets! some one tell me im not the only one!

and i am still working my way through my flist, but i will get to your edited a billion times posts!
OMFG, I saw it was a girl but it didn't even occur to me it was Alex! YOU ARE AWESOME! I was still hung up on that the OTHER Lostaways have lights and gasoline and a motorboat and...what? WHAT? They lit the signal fire but ... why? And how did they know Walt had taken off on the boat? And they might have all that other stuff but they don't have radar or, or! As soon as Danielle started muttering about "the boy" and there was no ambush waiting at the smoke my mind went ping! and I thought ... "We should have all known, ALL ALONG!"

And now we have alllll summer to speculate what in the hell they want with our magical little fire-starting-polar-bear-summoning-thought-reading-luck-changing Walt!

(and my brother insists there is a ladder/steps inside the hatch? Did you, or anyone, spot it??)
i spotted a ladder! it only went down about 10 feet, and then looked..mangled. not rusted, MANGLED.

see, i have no idea how the lostaways do anything, have anything..so the fact the bad lostaways have a motor boat and electric lights really doesnt bother me that much. it DOES however, give me the impression that there is a high class beach resort on the other side of the island.

im still not sure who lit the signal fire..Charlie accused Danielle, but i just dont know!

im not going to last until next season! *flails*
Locke is not creepy! *shields him* Well, okay, not *too* creepy. *g*

You get bonus points for figuring out the female was Alex... :) I did notice her, but I didn't connect that it was her. She's probably, like, their evil Padawan learner now. *g*

Now I am really tempted to write fic... *sits on hands*

Emily :)
*waves watch timeturner hypnotically*

you will write fic..you will write fic...
Ack! *shields eyes* Get away from me, you evil temptress! *g*

Emily :)
Yep it was a woman. Hard to tell her age but I'll have to rewatch. All I could think of was "Deliverance". It was a good 2 hours - but the last shot was oddly anti climatic and I'm miffed.
i rewatched the end..and now im not sure of her age..but the person who threw the bomb WAS female.

the final scene didnt bother me too much, i guess i just really didnt care about the hatch anyway..but it would have been nice if it had ended with the boat.
That would have been a fit cliffhanger ending - really :)

SCORE! SO glad that you're another person who loved it - and I agree with just about everything on here ! Thank you soo much, I'm gonna be thinking about this :)
*beams* welcome! please, feel free to share anything you come up with!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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