Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Translation Fun!

Fun with Babelfish!

I took a Lost drabble, translated it to french, then back to english.

this is what came out.

It requires that the baby go to be a boy. Known as that it knows just, that holds the first role said to him. Charlie smiles just, and teases it about being clear-sighted, and tries to be unaware of the glance in it eyes when it speaks to baptize the baby of the name of his father. It will not say much to the father, except who it could not remain with him. It says that there was another girl, and that she really did not love the father in any event. He was not that hard to leave. Charlie can say it is, and known as that it was always fanatic of the named Charles.

Heres the original, in case you want to read it too.

She insists the baby is going to be a boy. Says she just knows, that the stars told her.

Charlie just smiles, and teases her about being a psychic, and tries to ignore the look in her eyes when she talks about naming the baby after his father.

She won’t say much about the father, except that she could not stay with him.

She says that there was another girl, and that she didn’t really love the father anyway. It wasn’t that hard to leave.

Charlie can tell she is lying, and says that he has always been fond of the name Charles.

I like how the retranslated version insists on calling Claire "it." *dies giggling*

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