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Sith Spoilers

In which i take a theory and run with it. forever. Or, in which Anakin becomes Willow.

More random thoughts about Sith under

Im still having trouble dealing with the Padme situation. I cant see how such a strong person can fold up and die (literally) when the going gets tough. I cant see how a women who helped plan and participated in a geurilla attack on her homeworld to overthrow invaders could stand back and talk about how democracy dies, but NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

we were shown in AotC (which sucked, imo), that Padme was an activist, a dangerous senator. outspoken, and prone to standing up for her beliefs. there were death threats and attempted assasinations going on, and she still kept her job and her head and spoke up for what she believed in.

And now? she has lost her senate position because she is pregnant out of wedlock, and we dont even get a HINT that she is upset about it. why cant a pregnant, unmarried woman work again? especially one who was the youngest queen Naboo had had?

Now, im really liking magelette's theory, that Anakin is using a jedi mind trick on her. i can even get around the fact that that is only supposed to work on the weak minded, and until this movie, Padme has never been weak minded. i can work with that, as Anakin is HELLO STRONG, and could possibly, not realize he is doing it.

Actually, thats my favorite theory well as the one i picked up from somebody or another about Padme and Anakin's link, and how he pulled the life force out of her. Which could be due to the jedi mind trick, so im going with it.

So, here is my opinion.

In TPM, Anakin was untrained, and was deeply dependent on his mother. Why shouldnt he be? He had never had anyone else. So, when he met Padme, and she was pretty and older and sweet and knew how to take care of things, he develops a crush.

but keep in mind, Anakin is UNTRAINED at this point.

So, fast forward to Clones. Anakin old here? i dont remember, but teenaged. He has had several years of training by now, and when he sees Padme, that crush snaps back in full force. When she finds out, she rebuffs him. and yes, she does, i remember that much, even though ive only seen it completely once.

Now is when it take some talent to explain things, so let me see if i make sense here.

Padme, at this point, is still the outspoken senator. And remains so, until she is assigned Anakin as her protecter and sent away.

Now, they have LOTS of time to spend together, with really, no one else around. Anakin gets a little obsessive with his crush. He knows Padme will push him away, as its not proper, he is a Jedi, years younger than her, whatever. So, he is LONGING. It wouldnt surprise me if he would look into her bedroom and watch her sleep and do other creepy peeping tom type things. Now, even though he has some training, Anakin is not fully trained, and he is still VERY VERY POWERFUL. So, as he watches her (creeeeeepy) and longs for her, he unwittingly links them together. He basically pulls her feelings towards him. And as he has some control over her emotions, he has some slight control over her actions.

Now, Padme is no longer the strong senator. After all, she could be killed in such a dangerous job! Now, she is in love.

And Anakin has his girl.

I think you can see the progression from here. Down to losing her senator job and not caring, down to observing the politics instead of participating, down to wringing her hands instead of saying something about her worries to Anakin.

Now, we did have a FLASH of old school Padme, in one of Anakin/Padme's first interactions in Sith..I believe it was while she was wearing the stupidest nightgown ever designed, right after Anakin had his nightmare.

She says..something (if anyone can help me out here, i would appreciate it) about democracy and how empires should be overthrown. im totally paraphrasing here, as i cant exactly remember. But I DO remember that whatever she said, Anakin was shocked, and accused her of sounding like a Seperatist.

Notice, she doesnt say anything else against Palpatine for the rest of the movie.

We can blame this on the Jedi mind trick too..after all, ANAKIN wouldnt want her to get in trouble/overthrow the government/disagree with him, now, would he?

So, we have a PASSIVE Padme. Who sits back and grows babies and smiles inanely at everything.

And a Padme, who can, by default, not live without Anakin. And if Anakin is dying, so is Padme. Because he is pulling her feelings with his, down into despair. So, the babies live (possibly they were the only things that supported her that long), Anakin is rescued by scary machines, and Padme dies.

All because Anakin cant control everything.

Feel free to discuss, im having fun. :)


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