Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Revenge of the Stupid

Alright, im getting to typing out my review/reaction to Revenge of the Sith.

Unspoilery, i enjoyed it! much better than TPM and AotC, still had some problems, but overall, a good movie.

And yes, i DID see the midnight showing, but i couldnt remember how to post by email, otherwise i wouldve posted from the line.

Alrighty, because i know i wont be able to go through the whole movie in any sort of order, im going to BULLET POINT. whoo!

The Good:

-Hayden with his shirt off. ooh pretty. *pets*
-The Mace/Emperor fight kicked all kinds of ass, and was emotionally impacting as well.
-Natalie Portman, as always, is amazingly gorgous
-YODA IS MY HERO. Watching Yoda fight was the ONLY redeeming quality of AotC, and watching him kick ass continously throughout this movie was SO COOL. While the full Emperor/Yoda fight was cool, watching Yoda kick ass throughout made the movie.
-Chewie and Yoda. DUDE. and it didnt FEEL contrieved, it fight, and it wasnt this whole big thing about how he knew Chewie when and blah. And when Yoda CLIMBED UP chewie, the whole audience laughed.
-i really liked that each clone warrior had an embedded code that the Emperor could activate. i wondered how he came to control the Stormtroopers
-i liked how the death of the Jedi happened. it wasnt Vader hunting down each one, it was the clones.
-The killing of the younglings just destroyed me. i figured it out when Anakin said "all?" and i spent the REST OF THE MOVIE crying. i dont do well with small ones getting hurt. and the little trusting 7 year old who looked up at Anakin...*sobs*
-the final Obi Won/Anakin fight. well done, very cool on the lava world, etc
-i loved the giant lizard Obi Won rode while fighting Grevious
-Grevious was the freakiest thing that ever freaked. eek.

The Suck:

-could the dialogue BE any lamer? "Hold me like you did in the lake country when there was nothing but our love!" bleecach.
-no matter how pretty he is half naked, Anakin is obviously STUPID. seriously! Palpatine did fine manipulating the Senate and everyone else, but with Anakin, he might as well have been fingerpainting his evil plans.

for example:

Obviously, the "Me" here is Anakin. but Palpy figured he was so dumb, he could use the reminder that he was supposed to be evil.

-while the final fight was good, WHY THE HELL DID OBI WON LEAVE ANAKIN ON FIRE?! wouldnt you at least kill him to put him out of his misery?
-actually, come to think of it, EVERYONE in the movie was stupid. "Hi Padme! Congratulations on your pregnancy by some mysterious stranger! By the way, have you see Anakin?"
- and finally, my biggest issue with the whole movie..PADME herself.

dont get me wrong, i love Padme. shes gorgous. but..this puppet was NOT my padme! Padme was a QUEEN as a teenager and she overthrew an attack on her people, while playing two duel roles. Later, she was a senator, one who persisted in saying things no one wanted to hear.

And now? she is Married! Yay! and pregnant! yay! and thrown out of her senate job! yay! thats ok, see, because it gives her more time to be barefoot and pregnant hanging on Anakin's every word PREGNANT.

now, i would have no problems with this, only it didnt even seem like she CARED that she could no longer be a senator! she didnt care! she wasnt shown doing ANYTHING except for being pregnant, married, and worried about Anakin.

gag me.

and what kind of stupid nightgown was she wearing anyway?!

*deep breath*

im better now, really.

ok, those were the main things, although im sure im missing..lots of things.

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