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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Do What Now?

I walked into school this morning, bleary eyed from the 12:01 am showing of Revenge of the Sith, carrying my The Dark Crystal lunchbox, wearing a tshirt from The Last Unicorn as well as my brand new Time Turner, mulling over last nights episode of Lost, and trying to dislodge a half formed Gilmore Girl's plot bunny from the depths of my brain.

Clearly, i need to add "fandom crackwhore" to my resume.


I'm on Diet Dr. Pepper #1. I have two more sitting in my bag so that I'm actually awake when Allie calls from the airport in 5 hours. No fandom crackwhore apparel here, though I did bring my lightsaber with me to work yesterday...

*huggles for her fandom whore*
im going for the large starbucks hot chocolate. but im pretty sure its a losing fight, and im very glad all my kids are doing today is reviewing for finals. otherwise i might actually have to, you know, do things. instead of lay on the floor or waste time on lj.

and i didnt mean to dress like a fandom crackwhore, really i didnt. but my unicorn shirt is one i normally wear, and i always carry one of my lunchboxes, and i just got my time turner yesterday...im sure you can see how it happened.

ive got to get around to writing my reaction of Sith. i just have to gain control of my mental facilities first. so, you know, tomorrow probably.
I feel like I have to see it again to be fair to it. I still feel like I missed something essential...

Is this the grey Last Unicorn shirt from Hot Topic that has her in kind of sparkly? I wish I could wear that to work. Oh well. My blouse is all wrinkled this morning and I'm having a Hair Day.
yeah, thats it. i love it, and it fits dress code. i specifically asked when i started here about tshirts and cartoon characters. :)

i wanted to wear my Snorks tshirt, but it shows my belly.
Come along with the snorks, have some fun with the snorks...

I hate Corporate dress code. I'd love to be able to wear my Trogdor tshirt.
Ooooh... I love lunchboxes, especially the metal ones. I have a MLP one, a Care Bears one, a Beatles Yellow Submarine one, a Popples one, a Strawberry Shortcake one, and a couple of little mini lunchboxes too... *g*

I used to bring the Care Bears one to work with me when I brought food from home. Hee! :)

Emily, who has no shame :)
i carry one of my lunchboxes everyday!

i have The Dark Crystal, Empire Strikes Back, The Muppet Show, The Muppet Movie, ET, Carebears, TWO Rainbow Bright, My Little Pony, Yoda, and Goonies.

The only ones that arent metal are Yoda and MLP, and Yoda and Goonies arent vintage.

i love my lunchboxes!
Ooooooohhh... you have some good ones. I didn't know Rainbow Brite had a metal lunchbox! *drools* I want that... *g*

My MLP one is metal, but it isn't vintage... it came out recently, and my mom bought it for me. But it does come with a Thermos, unlike most of the recent metal lunchboxes.

Do you use them for purses? I'm always tempted to do that. *g*

Emily :)
nope, i use them for my lunch!

and the rainbow brights were hard as hell to find! and so i spent months tracking one down on ebay, buy it, and then my sister finds a completely different one just sitting outside in a trash pile! she rescued it for me. :)
*dies* A metal lunchbox... in the trash? A Rainbow Brite metal lunchbox?

What's wrong with people?!

Oh well... more for you... *g*

Lunchboxes for lunch... what a concept... heh... ;) Mine are just displayed in my apartment for now. Well, the ones I have here anyway. Some of them are still back in MA...

Emily :)
You are like the geeky mcgeek. :D
i AM. i am a walking warning to geeks everywhere! i should wear a sign!

And? Was it good?
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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