Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

A Good Way to Kill Seven Minutes and a Boatload of Sailors

this metaquote made me almost choke on my hot chocolate.

See, the Irish went to Wales sometime in the 5th Century AD and stole all their vowels. This left the poor Welsh having to name their kids things like Dfydd, while the Irish began tossing them about with wild abandon (like Aoife) . . . My other theory is that written Gaelic is a joke the Irish played on the Romans.
"How do you spell that again?"

if you have EVER read Gaelic, this is frighteningly true.

also, i posted on teh_music and got a less than satisfactory response. im looking for Faire music, and since i know i have some Rennies on my flist, im throwing myself on your mercy.

Im looking for pub songs, folk songs, type stuff. the vocal music.

Par example:
Anything by the Minstrels of Mayhem, like Queen of Argyle, The Fisherman Song, Jack Haggerty, Star of the County Down, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, etc

The Scotsman, sung by the Bawdy Balladeers. i have several other versions, but i REALLY WANT THIS ONE.

im also looking for any versions of Tom O Bedlam (Mad Mary Maudlin), as i cant remember who sings the version i like best. and Dunnikirk and the Gypsy.

and random songs that i dont really care who sings, like Easy and Slow, The Black Velvet Band, Rambling Rover, whatever.

anyone? anyone?


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