Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Read Like Rory

In celebration of tonights season finale of Gilmore Girls..i offer you...RECS! in the order they appear in my favorites at the Pit.

Newton's Law Reversed - Connecticut Junkie - post S2, so post-fight, Um..Luke has a revelation about coffee. or Lorelai. or something.

Hot Cross Buns - malisita - Lorelai isnt the only one who dreams. S3. one of my FAVORITES.

Pretty In the Morning - Green Eve - another favorite, more of a vignette, set..around the Jess time. What does it take to woo a gilmore girl?

The Morning After the Night Before - AnxietyGrrl - dude, if you havent read this, where the heck have you been? the way it shouldve happened. Stealing from the summery: So it all starts, or rather ends, like this, see: "She watched him turn to leave, saw his hand fall on the doorknob, and blurted, 'Stay'"

Take Whatever You Can Get - kieyra - Luke watches. And when Lorelai decides who, she goes about it all the wrong way. Painful and gorgous.

Seperation Anxiety - LulaBo - set after s4, with Rory in Europe. long and nicely plotted. another wonderful one.

Rudy Can't Fail - Lipton Lee - an interesting concept. Luke and Jess, on the phone mostly, discuss s5.

What They Remember - Dukesmom - more about the father/daughter dynamic between Rory and Luke. lovely.

Visceral - Princess Twilite - *shivers* gorgous and achingly painful.

and then, everything by netherfield

I have more, but my work comp wont let me get to BWR or Lukewarm, so you'll have to wait.

ETA: to spell malisita's name right. *facepalm*

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