Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


Hello my dovelies!

I am having a GOOD DAY. more importantly, i am having a GOOD HAIR DAY *swishes hair seductively* and i hereby declare myself officially an artiste! Which is basically an artist with more of an ego complex, and my ego and i are currently very close!

AND! i am sitting here enjoying pretty pictures of Dom and Billy and still cooing over the prettiness that is Dom holding a baby, and Claire giving Charlie a haircut while he plays guitar *squeals*

also, does anyone besides me having trouble sometimes seperating Dom and Charlie? is it the RPF that has messed me up so? I can easily seperate Emilie and Claire, but i think Dom is just..too much a part of the internet. *blink* iffen you know what i mean. i can locate TONS of pics of Dom and Billy, and Dom and hobbits, or Dom and Viggo..but Emilie is more reserved.

or, maybe, she just isnt as much of a slut as Dommie is.

It would explain alot.

Fandom has broken my brain!

No really, it has. Which why in Lost: The Greater Good, when i saw Shannon sitting by Boone (mmm, Boone), instead of thinking, awww, poor grieving girl, i thought two things. one of which was ohh, ZOMBIE fic, and the other was, incest AND necrophilia? would ABC really go that far? (no, but my brain will!)

I blame Harry Potter.

I have decided that all things wrong with me can eventually be traced back to Harry Potter fandom. because you people are INSANE. and I LIKE IT.

which, really, should tell you all you need to know about me.

except for the fact i really want to finish up this entry so i can go potty, but you might not want to know that either!

todays randomness is brought to you by the letters D, O, and M. *squishes you all*

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