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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Continued Gilmore Thoughts

Ok, so, spoilers for Blame Booze and Melville. Lorelai-centric.

So, there is a LOT of Lorelai hate and general seething about how she didnt TELL LUKE.


Seriously, WHY?

Would i have? probably, but im not Lorelai. I like having other people freak out with me.

Lets start at the beginning.

Luke and Lorelai have Drunken Unprotected Sex. Now, people are getting all up in arms about forgetting condoms, why the hell isnt Lorelai just on the damn pill already, etc, blah blah blah.

Here's my own, completely biased opinion.

Im betting that Lorelai IS on the pill. Im also betting that they also use condoms. After Lorelai's early experience with lack of birth control and rampant fertility, im betting she NEVER takes the chance. Now, before we were married, me, the uber paranoid one, insisted on both. Im kinda betting Lorelai's brain works the same way.

So, the Drunken Unprotected Sex probably wasnt completely unprotected. They probably didnt use a condom, but Lorelai is still on the pill.

Now, for those of you who have never gone through the joy that is an ill timed pregnancy scare, logic really doesnt enter into the situation.

"Im on the pill." Sure, your brain supplies, but did i take it late?
"Im on the pill." Sure, but I normally spot right after sex, and this time i didnt.
"Im on the pill." Sure, but Im craving an apple.


And, as for why Lorelai didnt tell Luke? She was at the hospital with Sookie! She wouldnt just call him on the phone and drop "I might be pregnant" into the conversation. Not even Lorelai is that bad.

Plus, Lorelai has ALWAYS been too independent to run to anyone else to freak out..especially a guy. So she calls Rory instead. Because she can freak out without having to worry about freaking HER out and her leaving and never coming back.

And Im betting that thought is in her head. Yes, she stated that Luke would be nothing but dust and a spinning baseball cap, but think about her experiences. It always comes back to Christopher. Sure, he offered to marry her. But she didnt want him like that then, and she doesnt want Luke like that now. Would Luke offer to marry her? Probably. Would she then spend the rest of her life wondering if he would have otherwise? Yep.

And she doesnt want it like that.

Would she have told Luke? YES. One of Lorelai's strengths is the ability to confront difficult situations (unlike her daughter, but we will leave that rant for another day). She might procrastinate and wander around the point when it comes time, but she does it. And, if she still wasnt sure, im pretty sure she would tell him.

But, she was AT THE HOSPITAL. and she isnt going to drop a bomb like that on the phone. Why didnt she bring it up right away? Well, why panic him if not necessary? She was only scared for a day, really. Thats not long to be gathering your courage. Especially with Sookie having kids and Emily having a ballerina and Rory having no brain.

Its still in her head, and ten bucks says she will tell him. next week. or most likely, off screen (*snarl*).

So, drop the condom/pill issue, and move on. Lets focus on the hotness that WAS the Drunken Unprotected Sex. Cause Luke is HOT.


I'm totally linking to this. Very nice argument. I'm inclined to agree, although a little exposition on ASP's behalf would've been nice.
cool, link away! exposition on ASP's behalf would ALWAYS be nice..and aint coming. ever.

glad you like. :)
People were really angry? Why tell him she might be pregnant without verification? You don't just tell someone something like that without back up. Dummies.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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