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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

alright, so, because my eye hurts, im tired, and my remix fic is giving me seizures, i decided to come bother LJ people. cause i have no life.

anyway, i already did the counterworthy people, so here are the

10 Fictional Crushworthy People

1. Luke Danes - Gilmore Girls. He fixes things, cooks, and is always there for Lorelai.

2. Adam Rove - Joan of Arcadia. He's artistic, hes sweet, he calls me Jane..oh no, wait, sorry, not me.

3. Samwise Gamgee - LotR. I heart Sam. And he has such a crush on Frodo. its so cute.

4. Alex Whitman - Roswell. he's dorky, and funny, and totally totally adorable.

5. Willow - Buffy. But early, like S3 Willow. Geeky, shy, before she gets all with the power having

6. Oz - Buffy. I love Oz. i do. He suggests attacking the Mayor with hummus. How can you not love that?

7. MacGyver - Hes handy! He fixes your car with a paperclip and some duct tape! plus? he's cute.

8. John Crighton - Farscape. Damn buggs for making me watch it! damn her! but Crighton is a doofus, and i adore him.

9. Yoda - Star Wars. Shut up, i can have a crush on Yoda if i want to!

10.Tara - Buffy. Only without Willow. I like her for herself, not for her Willow love.

whats really sad? i could so go on with this list..

although it seems i have a thing for dorks. ive known that. after all, looking at the counterworthy list, i have a thing for the Baddest of Bad Boys..and Girls. :)


So you probably haven't had deep philosophical conversations about what exactly is under Yoda's robe, huh? *g*
lmao! no, no i havent..have YOU?
GAH! that was my fave oz moment!!!!!! i love oz forever bc of that!!!
MacGyver- i'm now friending u, thats it. have to. u like MacGyver.
i once won a trivia contest soley on my basis of useless MacGyver trivia. i won dessert. no one else came close. so, yes, i love MacGyver.

i heart Oz. hes cute, and sweet, and comes up with extremely random fun things to say! plus, he and Willow together are adorable.

i have no problems being friended. :) go right ahead.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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