Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

User Pic Updates

Occansionally, it amuses me to count fandom icons and see how many of what i have.

even though you probably dont care, i like to see it written down. so, just to be nice,

Current Default: Petey wants to eat you alive!

Lost: (10) Porno!Charlie, Shannon's Trauma, Charlie, Jack In Paradise, Possible Names for Claire's Baby, miggy's adorable Locke and Hurley, Tormented!Claire, Track 2, cleolinda's Leaves of Driveshaft

Buffy/Angel: (4) Eskimo!Willow, My Nose Comes Off, Buffy Gets Up, Anya-Blood and Fire

Roswell: (4) Maria's Throat, Candy Heaven, Michael Feels Small, I Should Have Kissed Her Then

Lost/Petey: (3)-all various versions of him wanting to eat you and/or being THE DEATH ORCHID

Brendan Fehr: (3) Forsaken, Sugar-Back, Sugar In Bed

Gilmore Girls: (3) A Manly Truck, Luke Can See Her Face, Luke/Lorelai kisses

Star Wars: (3) Han Watched Her Walk, Qui Gon, Princess and the Nerfherder

Avonlea: (2) Gus Pike, Gus and Felicity

MacGyver: (2) Naked Mac, Mac

Harry Potter: (2) Hero Ron, Yes Professor Snape

Earth2: (1) Danziger's Gun

Pirates Of the Caribbean: (1) Saltwater

Benny and Joon: (1) Help Wanted

Vin Diesel: (1) Lick Vin

Neverending Story: (1) The Childlike Empress

The Last Unicorn: (1) The Last

Say Anything: (1) I Gave Her My Heart and She Gave Me a Pen

Bubba Ho-Tep: (1) The Lone Ranger

Boy Who Could Fly: (1) I Love You Millie

Xmen: (1) Wolverine Anti Hero

Chronicles of Riddick: (1) Break These Chains

Constantine: (1) Asshole!

48/50 icons!

Hmmm. Why do i have more icons for Buffy/Angel, which i was never actively involved in fandom, and only 3 Gilmore Girls, which is a show i love beyond all belief? this is a PROBLEM.

Its also a problem that i only currently have one Constantine icon uploaded. I need a Gabriel icon, dammit.

Its also a problem that i no longer have a zip drive, as over half of my icons are on my old zip disks. i need to hit a computer lab which has both a zip drive and a cd burner, so i can add!

*goes to rummage through icon communities*

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