Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


Or on an island, as the case might be..

Decent ep, i guess, but didnt really hold my attention all that well.

I didnt even suspect Sun of the poisoning of Michael. Seriously, i didnt. i didnt think it was Kate or Sawyer either, but i wasnt thinking about it too hard.

still have no interest in Kate or the toy plane. But seeing Mac Astin was fun! Now, can we get some more hobbits on there, instead of hobbit relatives? please?

Dear Sawyer, please continue to be growly and almost evil. it makes me rather flustered. and i rather like it.

Locke still makes me insane, because i STILL cant read him! evil/good/priest of Petey?

Walt is still totally creepy. But i really liked how scared he seemed about the hatch. And how Michael immediately said they could stay.

Ok, the part that still has my ovaries twitching? (Look away, Bree! Look away! Its hobbit squee!) Charlie, Claire and Turnip Head! HOW CUTE WAS THAT. Turnip Head chilling in the cradle while Charlie sang to him, and Claire cutting Charlie's hair! and the invite to LA! and the hair cutting! *squees* And the second track is called, "Monster Eats the Pilot." BWAH.

Other than that..did anything interesting happen? *ponders* besides the promo, which left me dancing in my seat, not so much.

Only i need to point out that Hurley telling Locke about Kate being a bad girl was fabulous. "Steve didnt even know about the polar bear!" HEEE.

And we get Danielle next week! Did she lock the Others inside the Hatch? or is their coming the result of them FINDING the hatch? or..something unrelated?

this show makes me kinda nutty, but in a happy way!

Charlie! Charlie! Turnip Head! *wiggles*

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