Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

More Gilmores

ok, number one, i missed the first 15 minutes, so i came in on the limo ride and Luke's rant on rich people.

and that was hot, by the way. the way he was rubbing her leg and the way she was looking at them and then the hot kissing? WHOOO.

however, i feel the need to point out, my dear ASP, "i love ranting!Luke!" is NOT going to count as the first I Love You.

Just. NO.

ok, moving on. I dislike Rory in pink.

And she is getting dumber everyday.

Shes in jail isnt she? for stealing a boat. dumbass.

and although i still think that the whole internship was a huge setup, i also think that Mitch had some massive points. Rory SUCKS at being a journalist. Let us please observe her inability to interview people at the LADB thingy. or hell, her great idea about doing an article on MUSIC DOWNLOADING. or her just being a spaz.

now, dont get me wrong, i LIKE Rory. but shes got no skills in her preferred area. im going to assume the girl can write, as she has been on the newspaper staff and we have heard amazing things about her abilities there. plus, ive been wanting her to go through the "omg what the hell am i doing i cant do this/dont want to do this/hate college," but i was kinda hoping for a better storyline around RORY and HER SKILLS and HER INTERESTS, instead of around a BOY. especially a boy who STEALS FROM HER GRANDPARENTS.

STEALS FROM HER GRANDPARENTS. and she says NOTHING. doesnt even give him an OMG look or say, dude you dont know my grandma, she sees EVERYTHING. but, earlier this season, she dropped money off in the cafeteria for the bowl of cereal she stole.


Rant mode off, sorry. Rory's storylines havent amused me since first season. mainly because all of her storylines are around various boys. Seriously, the last ep i can think of off the top of my head where it wasnt all about the boy, or at least catalyst by the boy, is Application Anxiety.

Ok, moving on past the ranting.

Luke is hot. Luke is bed is hot. the trail of clothes from the OPEN DOOR of the apartment (I hope the diner was closed, otherwise..umm..yeah) was hothothot. Lorelai realizing they had neglected condoms, not so hot. although i love that she freaked.

why is rory so freaked out by childbirth? and where, on the way to the hospital, was Davey? i just needed a throwaway line about grandparents, or being a big brother or something.

Sookie and Jackson and the vasectomy was beautifully fun and totally in line with their characters. what did they name the baby? Martha?

god, i now know why Logan (GG) makes me nuts. he is the bastard child of Tristan and Jess. he has charm, but is an asshole. dammit!

my brain is no longer working. this ep was meh, but i think that was the Rory irritation.

but, just so you know..

Luke is hot.

And Kirk is annoying. and standing in a towel. ew.

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