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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Lost fic: Seven of Cups

*gasp* alia wrote something? finally? AND, as an added bonus, its completely a WTF? fic!

based on one of the weird ideas I got when discussing how to best fuck up fairytales in the Lostverse with literarylemming

Title: Seven of Cups
Author: alianora
Fandom: Lost
Spoilers: AU during/after All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Summery: While she is gone, she dreams. And her Prince isn’t coming, as he has been killed. The Hanged Man haunts her dreams.
One of the Fucked Up Fairy Tale series.

She does not know where she is, but she knows she is dreaming.

She doesn’t know who he is, but goose bumps shiver down her spine at the feel of his breath (no, he cannot be breathing) on her neck. His hands smooth over her hair, and he whispers something. She cannot understand the words, but arches under his hands as he runs talented fingers down her body (her mind insists on adding music, the quiet strum of a guitar).

A part of her mind, the part that is awake, or knows she is asleep, is screaming at her that this is wrong. That he is not there.

When he lifts his sightless eyes (bound shut, closed forever) to her face, she just touches his face, as that part of her mind whimpers in terror. Her sleeping mind won’t let her wake up, so she lightly kisses the deep burn around his neck and giggles soundlessly at his inhalation (his chest was still when last she saw him, and he gagged as he fell).

Her real self fights against her bonds, even as her dreaming self thanks him for not being afraid (you don’t scare me), and smiles as he offers her a knife (I can only carry three hundred myself).

Hands hold her down, even as pain pricks at both sides of herself (he had never felt a baby kick before, and the look on his face was amazing) and she feels like she might come apart at the seems.

He is still there, holding her, telling her silly stories about his days as a kid (he persists in wearing a catholic school-girl’s uniform in her head, and he laughs at the image), as part of her shudders in the pain that rips across her abdomen (it will kill her, and she welcomes the chance to stay with him).

She fights to stay with him, but there is a flutter across her lips even as the pain crawls down the back of her legs, and she cries out (a sound echoed by a small tiny voice somewhere) as she is ripped from him (and it is ripped from her insides and she knows she cannot stay).

The other, the malevolent one, is grinning down at her as he holds a tiny squirming body. There is blood on his lip, and she realizes that he awoke her with a kiss.

And even as she accepts the little one from him (evil, foul, harsh), a tear makes it way down her face, dropping onto the ground for the prince who will never again awaken (he was lost in trying to save her).

And she cries.


dude, havent you people learned by now not to ask? my brain works in STRANGE ways. especially in dealing with Lost, it seems..

and i can get halfway through downloading the last ep, and then it will freeze on me. im getting a complex.


That was awesome. For real, it was. The writing style is so unique. I've never seen it before. The way you mixed things together, very cool. Good job on this!
thanks! im glad you liked it!
Ooooooooohhhhh wooooooow. Strange indeed, but AWESOME at the same time! Great job!
everything i write needs a strange warning! i cant help it.

thanks for reading!
Wow. That was amazing. And so very, very sad. I wish I could write like that.
thanks! im glad you liked it. :)

You killed Charlie AND you let Ethan get Baby!C!


You are so utterly evil, it shouldn't be LEGAL. NO ONE should be allowed to be that awesome. You hear? NO ONE.

*cackles* hey, you kill Charlie ALL THE TIME, so i can be forgiven for the occansional lapse!

and Ethen needed to be there for the sleeping beauty thing to WORK.

i am so evil, i should be illegal.

HA! i rhymed!

*falls over from hugs* eek!
*cackles* hey, you kill Charlie ALL THE TIME, so i can be forgiven for the occansional lapse!


This is true. LOL!

*falls over from hugs* eek!

Ack! *helps you up and dusts you off*
see? im allowed to kill Charlie every once in a while!

*allows self to be pulled to feet* thanks! *g*

but i am glad you enjoyed! i had too much fun with this one!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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