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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Reasons Why You Should Not Look at LJ at Work

I just had a student come up to me (someone else's class, i wasnt reading lj while i was supposed to be teaching. besides, the bell had not yet rung.), and, upong seeing the giant picture of Petey at the top of my journal, asked me if I was studying/looking up flowers.

err. yes.

man eating ones.


Also, am still sulking over missing Lost on Wednesday, so if anyone knows where i can download..or harass someone into sending it to me, let me know.

In random news, am very tempted to get all your addresses and send you postcards from alia a la PostSecret. only, you would know who sent them. but, you know, they would be cool. and handmade. so iffen you want one, drop me an email at alianoraATgmailDOTcom, or drop me a comment.

its perfectly acceptable to mock me in the comments as well. but you knew that. especially because i just posted to teh_music looking for a copy of "Hey Mickey."

Shut up.


I have that song downloaded on my laptop....does that make me mockable?
dude! if i had known, i would have asked you for it!

but now i have it and the remake of Lady Marmalade.

and some Britney Spears songs, but i dont want to talk about that.

hey, i also have Spice Girls, Wannabe, if you dont.
dude! you must send...and I am curious about the BS songs too...don't tell anyone, and I don't have LM, so send em on please!
itll have to wait til i get home, as all music is on my hard drive..and i dont bring Madmartigan to school. but i will do so when i get there.
I have Britney's first big song on my playlist. And Wannabe. And all kinds of crazy 80's songs that make people stare at me. And the Safety Dance. WOOT!

It's fun to be eclectic. :D

My favorite random song on my mp3 player at the moment, is either "Billie Jean" or "Baby Got Back."

i love random music.
My favorite (and how funny is it that Wannabe just finished playing totally randomly) is usually Ghetto Superstar or Superfreak. *g* Though "Too High For the Supermarket" just started, which always makes me happy.

you dont happen to have Brickhouse, do you? i need that song.

*walks off whistling Superfreak*
WHEE! thank you!
ARGH. Hold on, and I'll get the real link.
my hero! thank you thank you!

i love this song. in all its mockworthy glory. of course, it makes me want to be a cheerleader, but i have no excuses for that.

Much like the "reasons why you shouldn't read Snape/Harry porno fics at work." Or maybe that's just me... *g*

Long Live the Death Orchid!
err yes. and no, its NOT just you. *cough* just dont tell.

then again..what are they going to do, fire me?
well that, and i cant get into Snape/Harry fics. now Snape/Lupin, Snape/Hermione, or Snape/Black..bring on the porn!
Hee. I'm awlays afraid someone is going to walk by and ask what I'm reading when I check LJ or a message board from school.

Have you ever used bittorrent? 'Cause I download Lost and GG and a bunch of other shows every week from here.
if you use bittorrent, then you can get Lost here http://www.btefnet.net/ :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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