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Actually, Recced, not Wrecked, but the second sounds cooler.

Regardless, drive by of stuff that i have enjoyed lately.

Roswell UFO - a new archive for roswell fic, run by the faboo emilyfairy and magelette. go, read, review, rec, post, upload..more fic always needed. yes.

In other news, Harry Potter fic has been very good lately.

Let me start out by stating that I am not a Draco fan. i dont hate Draco, but i dont like him either..and Harry/Draco or Draco/Ginny or Draco/anybody usually doesnt fill me with glee.

However, if you are not reading Trade by hackthis, you are seriously missing out. Draco! runs an escort service! totally and completely, fabulously AU. readreadread! its WONDERFUL.

and now i have a crush on Blaise Zambini. dammit.

In more Draco news, the gen story A Thousand Trees by stellabelle made me giggle alot.

Also, in non Draco related news, The Last Virgin of Hogwarts by shiv5468is fabulous and i love it. and her Snape is adorable. as is Hermione. Poor Snape, all alone the night before the big battle, with nothing but a hot water bottle to keep him company. *snicker*

And at some point, im really really hoping that Falling Further In will be finished one day, because i adore it. Long, plotted Snape/Hermione that completely ignores OotP and comes up with an alternate year seven. Harry is a major git in this one, he is still very much working through his CAPSLOCK OF RAGE.

Does anyone know if its posted anywhere other than because i SWEAR i have read another chapter or two, but they arent on schnoogle, so im starting to think im insane.

anyway, some recs for today. go and read!

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